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BOTD 7/2/14 "An Apple A Day" A DMK Production

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1 BOTD 7/2/14 "An Apple A Day" A DMK Production on Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:09 pm

David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Your eleven year old son, Braeburn, is subject to spanking if needed.  Braeburn also loves apples.  Your next door neighbor has a few apple trees in his back yard.  Your neighbor has told you and Braeburn that your son is welcome to all of the apples he wants.  He may pick the ones off of limbs he can reach, he may gather fallen apples off of the ground or, if he asks, your neighbor will give him some apples. Your neighbor has asked and you have agreed that Braeburn not climb in to the apple trees to pick apples.  This is both for his safety and to protect the trees from damage.

This afternoon, your neighbor brings Braeburn to you.  He found Braeburn laying on the ground under his apple trees crying and holding his arm. The neighbor helped Braeburn up and says Braeburn admitted to climbing in the apple tree and says he fell out. Braeburn is still sniffling but does not seem to be seriously injured. Braeburn manages to whimper out an "I'm sorry" and says he really wanted a nice ripe and fat apple he spotted on one of the upper limbs.  

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What happens next?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
Does Braeburn like Braeburn apples? Is our last name by any chance MacIntosh?

I'll make sure Braeburn hasn't really damaged his arm and then ask if this little misadventure has taught him his lesson. I see no need to do more. It's up to our neighbor to decide if he can trust Braeburn to stay out of his tree from now on.



Ditto Kat. A natural consequences lesson, hopefully without a cast for a broken arm, should serve as a better teacher than any other punishment.

John Boy

well he gets a nice EMT trained exam looking for DCAPBTLS and a lecture but I think natural consequences took its part.


I don't think any punishment would do any good here.


I'm with the consensus here. Natural consequences should be sufficient to explain WHY I have imposed the restrictions in question.

I'm glad he didn't injure himself too badly and I'm hopeful that this will serve as a warning to him in the future.

David M. Katz

Kat wrote:Does Braeburn like Braeburn apples? Is our last name by any chance MacIntosh?

Yes and yes. There is also his Granny - you know her - Mrs. Smith.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Should his butt match his shirt?

I think not, even though he has shocked me to the core.


Hmm!  Idea 

I think I'll turn him over to his Granny Smith whose right Royal Gala spanking will provide him with some ripe Red Delicious cheeks Razz


The idea of boys not climbing trees boggles my mind.  

Since he broke the neighbors rules, he's just not going to be allowed to go into the neighbors yard anymore.  If he wants a fresh apple, he can ask for one when the neighbor is home.  He will be warned that violation of this will be a deluxe spanking offense. After a week or so, he and I can talk and reconsider.

By the way, if he was crying, I'm going to give that arm a check and consider running him up to urgent care if it seems like there's any question.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I hope he bruised his bottom as well as his arm! Evil or Very Mad First check for damage. After which stingoers and a lecture in front of the neighbour Then a warning that the next limb off his neighbours tree as a result of climbing  and I might see if it is suitable for use on his backside Exclamation Other than that the natural consequences are good. Oh and it is no about banning little boys climbing trees, just those in our neighbours garden. Seems fair enough for him to make the rules here.

Emlyn Morgan

A simple tasty meal from an apple and some cheese - preferably Lancashire, because it toasts rather than melts.

.Remove the apple core and the peel.

.Cut the apple into four rings.

.Put the cheese atop the apple rings and grill for a minute.

Quite delicious: grilling changes the taste of the apple and the cheese.

Anyway, I'm going to whack him!

Stone Man

If I haven't warned him that the consequence for violating the rules of use for the orchard will be a spanking, then I will let the temporary barring him from the orchard be his punishment. I'm just glad he wasn't hurt badly.


We're taking a trip to urgent care for an x-ray, just to be safe. I don't think a spanking is needed, and he won't be allowed over for a little while.


To do:
1: Make sure Braeburn is alright after his fall.

2: Explain the advantages of step-ladders and fruit-pickers.

3: Console him when his discovers after all that effort that apple has a maggot in it (or worse still, half a maggot)

4: Having sorted of Braeburn I return to the main business of the afternoon which is dealing with latest escapades (= bare bottom offences) of his brothers Pink-Lady and French-Golden-Delicious.

David M. Katz

I liked this BOTD a lot. Thanks to Zac for refreshing it.

I am with the consensus: no spanking for the apple of my eye.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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