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BOTD 7/10/14 "Artistic Expression" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You have two sons.  Jackson is fourteen and Pablo is twelve. You find spanking is effective for both boys.  Both boys are in to the visual arts and enjoy drawing and painting and creating art projects.  You wholeheartedly support your sons in their interests and do often provide needed art supplies for them to use.  However, there are some things that the boys need to use their allowance money to buy.

Jackson is very careful with his supplies and strives to take care of them.  Jackson is also very neat when he works on a project.  Pablo is careless with his supplies and typically makes a mess when he works on a project.  In the past, Pablo has "borrowed" supplies form Jackson when something of his runs out or gets damaged.  Jackson does not like for his brother to use his stuff because he won't take care of it and he wastes it.  You have told Pablo to leave Jackson's supplies alone.

Today Pablo was creating his latest masterpiece and ran out of paint and found some of his brushes to be damaged.  Pablo sneaked into Jackson's room and "borrowed" what he needed.  You were unaware that Pablo was using his brother's things.  Jackson was out with a friend and he too was unaware of what Pablo had done.

Jackson came home and found several of his brushes were damaged and most of his paint was left open and was drying out or that Pablo had wasted it. The damaged and used up supplies just happen to be things that Jackson used his personal allowance to buy. You hear a commotion coming from Pablo's room and go to investigate.  Pablo is crying and Jackson is screaming at him saying that is what he gets for messing with his stuff.  Pablo points at his project and you see that Jackson has taken red paint and damaged Pablo's project.

Jackson - 14
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Pablo - 12
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What do you do?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

separate them, take a deep breath. Talk it over with them separate. Pablo will be using allowance to replace or pay me back for replacing his brothers supplies. I have half a mind to then take away their art supplies for a bit as a consequence for taking and as a consequence for ruining another persons art project. Any objections and I shall make a red masterpiece on a white canvas.

David M. Katz

I forgot to acknowledge that JACK provided the great photos for this BOTD! Thanks, Jack.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
Jackson's reaction, while understandable, is inappropriate. As John Boy says, Pablo will have to replace Jackson's supplies. (I'll pay for them and Pablo will reimburse me by having part of his pocket money held and doing chores.) I'll make both boys an offer I hope they won't refuse: mutual apologies versus my sorting it out with spankings all around for bad behavior. I think Pablo had better learn to take care of his supplies and work space, so until I feel confident he has established good habits, I'll insist on checking him. If he is serious about his art, then he needs to be serious about properly using and cleaning his brushes and putting away his paint.



I'll put up a sign on the bulletin board at the local supermarket...

Two promising young lads for apprenticeship... take them as a pair or separately as you desire... preferably to a tanner or chimney sweep or one of the other more obnoxious trades... premium up to five pounds each to be paid... said boys to be no further trouble or expense to their father.

That'll solve the problem... for me anyway.

Stevie.  Twisted Evil 

Stone Man

Terrific pictures!

I'm angry with Pablo and upset with Jackson. Pablo has violated so many rules (staying out of Jackson's room, using Jackson's paints and brushes (and other supplies?).

I feel Jackson has snapped for good reason. If his wrath had remained at the yelling level I would have held him blameless, but I'm upset with him for ruining his brother's project.

I'll separate the two, talk with each one and then thoroughly deal with Pablo. Pablo will be replacing all lost, used, damaged supplies he took from his brother. I'll front the money and pay myself back over time from Pablo's allowance or other earnings. While Pablo cleans up I'll go talk with Jackson.

The most I expect from Jack is for him to honestly apologize to his younger brother for causing damage to his project. It doesn't have to be immediately, but must be completed within the few days. I'll help him however I can to deal with his anger.

Once cleaned, I will be talking to Pablo again. He too will have to apologize to his older brother and has the same few days to do it. Pab knows the rules, but will be reminded of them and why they are important. Then I will be playing a symphony his his backside and promising him worse if he violates his brothers room or supplies again.


Ditto Kat.


Both boys are getting deluxe sessions.

Pablo was wrong to use his brother's stuff. This has been explained to him, he's been warned about it, and that doesn't even consider that 'borrowing without permission' is stealing, and that we have strict rules about going into other peoples rooms without permission. He's lucky he's not picking a couple of switches.

As for Jackson, while I can understand his anger and his desire to strike back, what he did was out of all proportion to what his brother did. He and I could have easily gone, replaced the things that had been messed up, and paid for it from Pablo's allowance. What he destroyed is basically irreplaceable.

I think Jackson will come to understand that, when I make him select which of his artwork he'd like to let Pablo destroy. Then, after he's finally chosen (if he does, if he doesn't we can skip this), I'll suggest it would be more fair to let Pablo destroy whatever he wanted. I think Jackson will be at a point where he's relieved when I tell him I'm only going to use the brush on his butt.

When both boys have recovered, we're having a long talk, setting some exact rules and consequences, and heaven help the next boy to violate them.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


May be  a paint stirrer would be appropriate. Pablo is wrong to "borrow Jacksons supplies and especially to take so little care with them. Part but only part of his punishment is the damage to his artwork but he will be getting spanked. As will Jackson for his childish act of revenge. Because of that Pablo will only be paying half of the cost of the damaged supplies to Jackson in recompense

Both wagons will be painted red

Pi Beta

I'm with Jack, but with one addition. Jackson will provide Pablo with a new canvas to replace the one he ruined.


Is it just me over reacting or is the idea of Jackson destroying a "work" more egregious an offense than Pablo's being careless with supplies?

As a brother, I can understand how easy it is to be annoyed with a little brother that does things like this but the idea of messing up an actual work of art simply to get back at him seems more than a little OTT to me. That being said, I think I'm actually more inclined to roast Jack's rear more efficiently than Pablo's. Pablo can replace the ruined materials from his allowance and will receive an appropriate warming from me as well.

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