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21 July 2014: Dad of the Day - A Hot Choice

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1 21 July 2014: Dad of the Day - A Hot Choice on Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:59 pm


You're name is Jim, and you're nearly 12-years old. Despite your advanced age, your Dad still spanks you whenever he decides you need it. Worse, because Dad's single, and it's summer, you spend most of the weekdays at the house of a friend of his, who is also the Den Leader for one of your little brothers. Mostly his house is a lot of fun, but he has permission to spank you and your brothers, and he uses it!

Most of the time, it's pretty cool being at his house, and there are usually a lot of kids around to do stuff with, but sometimes you just want some quiet for a while. One of the few bad things is that Jack - the Den Leader - thinks it's better to be outside, so the guys don't spend a lot of time playing video games. That's cool sometimes, but sometimes you just want to play.

Today, you invited your friend, Scooter, to go to your house and hang out for a while.

(You and Scooter)
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You make sure to tell Jack you're going bike riding for a while, because he's picky about knowing where you are when he's responsible for you. You and Scooter go over to your apartment and XBox, because your little brothers always hog it when they get the chance.

After a couple of hours, you decide you should get back to Jack's. You make sure that everything's the same way it was when you got there, because just a couple of weeks ago, Dad found out you'd sneaked home for a while, because you left the XBox on when you left, and he told you not to do it again.

As soon as you get back to Jack's, you run into him. He asks if you had a good ride, and where you've been. You didn't tell Scooter you weren't supposed to be at your apartment, and he tells Jack that's where you were, before you can think of anything to say.

Jack asks if you had a good time. You're feeling kind of sick, and Scooter can tell something's wrong, but he doesn't know what. Jack asks him to excuse the two of you for a bit, and you know that's bad news.

Jack escorts you to his office. He knows you're not supposed to go to your apartment during the day, and he asks if you have a good excuse. Of course, you had a good reason, but you know parents don't understand that kind of thing. After you're quiet for a couple of minutes, he asks if you want to deal with it now or wait and let your Dad decide.

Your Dad and Jack both spank hard - hard enough to make you cry. The thing is, Jack's spankings seem like they go on forever, and your butt always stays sore longer after he spanks you. But Jack's office is actually pretty quiet, and most of the guys are outside, so they might not know you got spanked. If you wait until Dad gets home, he'll spank you in your room, but your room is right next to your brothers' room, and you can hear everything when they get spankings, which means they can hear you, too. Of course, you know Jack's ready to spank you. Do you take a chance to talk Dad out of it, or risk him remembering it hasn't been long since he told you not to come home during the day if he wasn't there?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

I am going to take my chances with Jack. Besides, he understands these sort of things and I might get off with just a talking to.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

David M. Katz wrote:I am going to take my chances with Jack.  Besides, he understands these sort of things and I might get off with just a talking to.

Stone Man

David M. Katz wrote: ... and I might get off with just a talking to.

Ahh... Hope springs eternal.  Razz 

I thought about chancing it and waiting for Dad, but then I remembered that I'd gotten away with a warning a little bit ago for doing the exact same thing and Dad'd likely give me an upgrade for screwing up again so soon.

As I'm here with Jack and he's waiting for an answer, I think I'll let him do it and get it over with.

PS: Dad doesn't usually believe in double jeopardy, and since JACK did the spanking I'm pretty sure he'll let it go at that.

I'm hopin' anyway.  What a Face 


I like Stoney's answer.

Better to get it over.

I love you



I'm with Stoney this time too.


In kid think I reckon hope springs eternal, so I'm going to wait for Dad.


I'll probably try to negotiate with Jack.


Get it over with. I don't want to spend the rest of the day worrying about it.


Editor Extraordinaire
I with Ivor. The adult me knows it's better to get things over with it, but the 12-year-old me lives in the moment. Besides, if the world ends between now and when Dad gets home from work, I'll have taken a spanking for nothing.


11 Re: 21 July 2014: Dad of the Day - A Hot Choice on Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:41 am


I don't like the way Uncle Jacks spankings hurt for longer. And living in the moment I mighj be able to get Dad to go easy on me

12 Re: 21 July 2014: Dad of the Day - A Hot Choice on Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:26 pm

Pi Beta

I'll take the chance and hope that Uncle Jack will forget to tell my Dad.


First of all, in response to a couple of people's off-hand remarks: if Uncle Jack spanks, dad doesn't see the need to. If that was a possibility, there'd be no question.

This one is a real hard one, because it's always possible dad will be in a huge hurry, or Jack will be really busy, so they won't talk. I want to say I'd go with Jack, trying to avoid my brothers hearing me get it, because that would be the worst. And it's true that, with the spanking hanging over my head, I'd probably be too sick and nervous to have fun until Dad gets here. I really do think I'd go with Jack, but I can't escape the idea that I'd put it off and hope.

In real life, this isn't something that happened. Brad did get spanked for going to their apartment during the day, but his dad found out about it because he left a mess in the kitchen when he got a snack, and his dad had told him he's not to go to the apartment during the day. From what I heard from Jim, it was more than a couple of smacks, but not a full up spanking - more of a 'and if it happens again, you'll really get it.'

When Jim mentioned it to me, and asked me to keep Brad restricted to the house a couple of days, it just clicked this idea.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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