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BOTD 7/23/14 "Randy's Revenge" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You have a thirteen year old son, Randy.  You also have some difficult neighbors, a grumpy older couple who never had kids and who don't like kids. Randy is typically an outgoing and happy boy who likes everyone and can't understand why the neighbors don't like him.  He has made several efforts over the few years that you have lived there to "break the ice" to no avail.  You have finally told Randy to leave them alone and to stay off of their property.

This morning you were disturbed by a commotion in your neighbor's yard and it was the man next door yelling at Randy.  You hear Randy defending himself saying that it was just an accident and that all he wanted to do was say hello. You see Randy's bike leaned against the couple's car and there is a small dent and scratch on the car.

Randy says he was out on his bike and noticed the older gentleman was sitting out on his porch.  Randy said he wanted to try yet again to be friends and so he rode his bike to the neighbor's yard but, in the process, he lost control and bumped their car. Randy is very apologetic but your neighbor maintains that Randy "deliberately damaged his property." You believe Randy and tell him to take his bike home and to go inside and wait for you. You stay behind and give your grumpy neighbor a piece of your mind about the whole lack of relationship but you do promise to cover the cost of repairing his car.  You promise him that Randy will not bother him again.

You go in your house and find Randy sitting on his bed obviously upset.  Randy says again that he feels that if the neighbors would just get to know him that they would like him.  Randy assures you the bike issue was an accident and you tell him you do believe him.  You try to explain to Randy that some people are just not friendly and there is nothing that can be done about it.  You tell Randy that he is to never again go on to their property for any reason and then you add, "Randy, if you go over there again, I will spank you for disobedience."

You feel the matter is as resolved as it can be and you have turned the repair of the car over to your insurance adjuster. All seems to be back to the status quo.  

This afternoon your neighbors are not home and you look toward their yard and see Randy throwing water balloons at their house.

RANDY - 13 (Caught In The Act)
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What happens?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Is he in their yard? If he's not, then I'm sending him over there to pick up the evidence, then we're going back in the house, and I'm reading him the riot act. What happens then is up to him.

If he is in their yard, he's getting a standard session.

I understand his feelings, but I'm the one who'll have to deal with further issues, so we're putting a stop to it now.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
Randy is getting the promised spanking. At 13, he is old enough to appreciate the spirit of the rule, and I won't play games with him about technicalities, such as, "You said not to go in their yard." There is probably some criminal charge that could be laid against him -- harassment? criminal mischief? -- and so he needs to leave these old grouches to themselves.


David M. Katz

Jack wrote:Is he in their yard?

I should have clarified. YES. Randy is in their yard.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Pi Beta

I can understand and sympathise with his frustration, BUT...

* this isn't an acceptable way to react to that
* unless the neighbours have been sent to Coventry by everyone else in the street, someone as well as me is bound to have seen him doing this, so it's very likely that they will be told by that someone
* though he hasn't actually entered their property, thus disobeying the strict interpretation of my restriction, what he is throwing has broken that prohibition
* I would be equally unhappy with him whoever's house he was bombarding with water bombs.

Instead of water bombs exploding against the neighbour's house, the next explosion will take place across his backside as my strap strikes home.


Especially with Katz's clarification, Randy is in for it.

Kat is correct regarding the spirit of the rule, regardless. As it is, he's violated the letter as well. It's direct disobedience. I totally understand how he feels, but you can't express your frustrations, disappointments, or anger in that manner, especially not in today's world.

Randy is getting a standard spanking--not a mild one, and not a barn burner. Some people just aren't very nice, and better he learn that now.


He is toast.

David M. Katz

Randy's floral shorts will soon be at his ankles.

Tonight's menu: toast, hot buns, rump roast, and cooked goose.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


"This afternoon your neighbors are not home and you look toward their yard and see Randy throwing water balloons at their house."  

So I immediately LOOK THE OTHER WAY!


Stone Man

David M. Katz wrote:Randy's floral shorts will soon be at his ankles.

Tonight's menu:  toast, hot buns, rump roast, and cooked goose.

I think you got it covered. Randy has NO excuse.


As much as I sympathise with him (as a boy once I wrote an anonymous letter to an old neighborhoood witch lady) he has been specifically warned (more than once in fact) and disobeyed.
Now his butt has to pay the price. He will be able to tell he has been properly spanked. But since those neighbors are such grumpy crouches I'll spare him the normally mandatory apologies.


Katz has it covered; Randy gets it uncovered.


If Randy goes over there again...

I have to go through with it. Much as I sympathise Randy is in trouble. Throwing things at neighbours houses is the behaviour of a hoodlum. It would only take one person to the police and in the UK Randy ends up with an asbo and a reputation so I have to  nip this in the bud. Randy you are toast

John Boy

ditto Jack

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