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BOTD 07-26-2014 A Blast From the Past -Watch and Learn - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Blast from the Past-Watch and Learn
An Ivor Production

I guess for this one folks we are back in the 1970s.

You have taken your two sons 12 year old Tom and 1l year old Tim to spend  a month of the summer vacation at your brother's farm in rural Idaho. Quite a change from Portland where you live. The boys somewhat to your surprise seem to be enjoying their visit and have got on very well with your brother's son, Wyatt who is a couple of years older than them and the trio have been sharing a room. You rather suspect that Wyatt may have been 'larning' your boys some of the facts of life which you are quite happy about as it may well save you some potentially embarrassing conversations

Tonight at dinner your brother told Wyatt that once the meal was over he was to go to the barn because he had failed to do his chores. You suspected that meant he was in for a whuppin'. You do spank your sons but have a feeling your brother may deal more severely with Wyatt.

After the meal is over Wyatt departs as do your boys. You talk with your brother and his wife for a while before he too leaves. A few minutes later you wander outside and head towards the barn. You can hear the sound of leather striking boy butt and as you head into the opposite end of the barn you see:

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Tom and Tim, hidden from view of your brother but with a good view of Wyatt getting his whuppin'

Are you going to invite them to join Wyatt so he can see them getting spanked?

Can you dig it?


Yup. Assuming they weren't already invited to watch, and from the photo, that does not appear to be the case.


Okay, seriously - what exactly was I doing, walking around the barn right then? Do I spank the kids for this, or just assume they didn't fall far from the tree?

Seriously though, if I didn't do it after dinner, I'll do it as soon as possible - which is reminding my brother that he has company, so maybe he should be a bit more discrete and considerate towards his son. I'm also going to talk to Wyatt. If I think he's been fooling around with my, maybe he suggested this. If he didn't, then I think turn around is fair play, and he can watch them get spanked for this invasion of privacy.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

John Boy

I like both answers.


John Boy: wrote:I like both answers.

I think you can choose just one... scratch



David M. Katz

I agree with Jack as to why am I wandering out to the barn. Rolling Eyes 

Boys will be boys. I will drag them out by their legs and plant a swat on their seats and send them off.

 Twisted Evil  Then I guess I will continue on to the barn.  Suspect 

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


There is a lot of truth in Jack's anwer...

Stone Man

The younger two boys have, from the sound of things, gotten a chance to see what happens to their older cousin when he misbehaves. I'll be hauling the two of 'em out from their viewing  posts, give each a swat and ask if they want to join Wyatt for the real thing.

Presuming the answers are NO, I'll chase them back to the house with the promise that if either or both should earn a spanking on this trip, then Wyatt will be invited to watch the entire session(s).


Hmm!  Yes; what was I doing wandering round the barn when I knew Wyatt was getting a whipping???

Since my boys left with Wyatt I'm going to assume he showed them where they could watch from without being spotted by his dad .... and afterwards assist him with his pain relief.

Since I can't really ask them to squash up I'll just have to withdraw quietly Wink

PS.  Perhaps I could continue to prowl and take the three of them up together later Twisted Evil .


Editor Extraordinaire
A lot depends on why the boys are there. Is Wyatt complicit in this or is he a victim of voyeurism? The answer to that question will make a difference in my attitude.



Looking at that pic, I think I'll quietly sneak up on them and plant a swat on those two upturned rumps and then have them make room so I can watch too!

Seriously, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree here and as long as all they are doing is QUIETLY watching (and not making fun of their unfortunate cousin) I'll tell them that it's rather rude to watch and if they fall afoul of me during this trip their cousin can observe THEM getting tanned.

Now as to what happens afterwards between the boys......
(Strictly THEIR business!)  Shocked 


I don't think I will embarrass Wyatt by lettin him know. But I will drag the boys out by the legs and take  them to the room my spouse and I are occupying, give them some swats and the riot act. If they do this again Wyatt will be watching them get a dose of leather as well

Pi Beta

Has Wyatt suggested to them that they watch and told them where to hide, I wonder? If he has, I'm letting it go. If not, I can't say I'm surprised at their interest (after all, why was I going down to the barn???), so will find it difficult to do more than to warn them off.

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