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BOTD 7/30/14 "A Day At The Beach" A Jkher Production

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David M. Katz

A Day at the Beach
A Jkher Production

You and your significant other have taked your sons and nephew out to the beach for the day. Your boys are Peter, 12, and Paul, 6. Their cousin, Luke, also 12, is close to them and to you.

Peter and Luke sometimes see Paul as a pest, and can try and "lose" him. You have told both older boys that they need to make Paul a part of the day, as it is a family day out. Paul looks up to the older boys and would feel hurt if he was left out.

It's a bright, pleasant day, and the boys run off to the sand as soon as you arrive. You tell them not wander and set up your beach chairs and settle into a book with your partner.

After a short while, you go to check on the boys and find Paul buried up to his neck, and Peter and Luke digging happily a few feet away. Paul looks at you and shouts, "Help me, Daddy! I can't get out! They buried me and now they won't dig me out! They said I'm a pest and now I hafta go pee!"

Paul - 6
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Peter and Luke - Both 12
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The older boys look up at you guiltily... what's next?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

I will tell Peter and Luke to dig Paul out and let him go pee.

If the older boys need a break from the little boy then I can watch him while he plays.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

I unburry Paul and give Peter and Luke my fake angry face. Then once Paul has emptied himself we can see if he is able to laugh with them or if I need to lecture the older ones on treating younger kids right.


Okay the two older boys are in trouble for this, but I don't think it reaches spanking levels. If nothing else, I should admit my own culpability in treating them as baby sitters.

After they dig Paul out, I'll take him to the bathroom. The older boys can run (a little) wild by themselves, while I play with Paul for a while. Then they can spend some time playing with him as well. And my comment about taking them to the bathroom should put them on notice for the rest of the day.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Very Happy ....what jack said.....LOL

hugs kal


I'm largely in agreement with the herd preceding me in that this doesn't necessarily lead to a spanking as I DO bear some culpability in making them be his 'babysitter'.

I think I'll have them unbury Paul and let him drain while I oversee them with my "you're in for it" look as well. After Paul's out and he's off to the bathroom I'll tell the other two "that wasn't very nice" or some such to that effect. Their response to me (couple with Paul's emotional state) could well determine their fate.

If they show me just a little contrition and Paul's not upset by the prank they can go off for the rest of the day by themselves and Paulie and I will play. If, however, I get what I got from Ryan 2 Saturdays ago (the dreaded "it's no big deal" Mad) they may find themselves either on a VERY short leash for the rest of the day or find it a tad hard sitting down when we get home.

I'm ok with a joke but there ARE limits and I do want them to be aware of when to say 'when' and have a bit of compassion.  

Stone Man

What Dimitri said.

I was all set to kid him with a "no big deal" and then I read his post which sealed my choice.


I'm with the rest of the group. On its own, it doesn't rise to a spanking offense, but I'm keeping a close eye on the older ones. There's a fine line between bullying and a practical joke.


I'll join the club.


Unless they'd initially gone some distance away Paul must have cooperated originally or I'd have heard his yells of protest when they out him in the hole and filled it in. Now though for him the game has turned nasty and potentially embarrassing.

If they jump to it to dig him out when I ask there won't be more than a few stingoors.


Unless they'd initially gone some distance away Paul must have cooperated originally or I'd have heard his yells of protest when they out him in the hole and filled it in. Now though for him the game has turned nasty and potentially embarrassing.[quote]

I'll tell him to go ahead and pee where he is  while the boys dig him out.  Then they can take him down to the sea to rinse off in the waves before returning for a stern talk.  A talk that could escalate depending on their attitude.

PS.  Bathroom?? What a Face  How many little boys go into the cold ocean without having an involuntary pee?  Come to that - how many adults?


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm pretty much with the group because of my own stupidity in the incident. I should have arranged for Paul to have a friend of his own age to accompany us so he would have an appropriate playmate. Nevertheless, I intend to tell the 12 year olds how disappointed I am in them. They took advantage of Paul's naivete to bury him and I can't imagine how being told he is a pest wouldn't hurt his feelings. I just can't see that asking the boys to spend a little time with their younger brother/cousin is imposing on them, so long as I don't expect them to devote the day to him. I don't want to raise selfish kids with no sense of responsibility towards others and no compassion for the feelings of others. There is a fine line between imposing on the older boys, making them into babysitters, and training them to do the right thing towards someone who looks up to them.



This has the feel of a bit of fun that went a bit too far and that can happen with 12 year olds. I am disappointed and they should remeber what they were like at 6. My mistake is thinking I can sit out this "family outing" with my nose in a book. I should be playing ball or digging in the sand or swimming with them. But first what matters is the grace with which they help me dig the little one out of his hole so they don't dig themselves one of another kind. Then when  Paul's immediate needs have been dealt with I shall endeavor to engage them in games and activities they can ALL enjoy or at least I can entertain Paul for a bit.

In the Uk there would usually be a football or a cricket bat and kid friendly ball, or a beach ball on such a trip

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