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BOTD 8/12/14 "Skirting The Issue" An Anthony Production

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David M. Katz

The scenario in this BOTD is somewhat different to what you are used to, it’s different because I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that there are thousands of kids all over the world, both male and female who are in a similar position as will be found here. I'm not going to say much more, I'll leave it to you to decide what you would do if you were the parent of one of these kids.



You and your spouse have two 14-year-old twins, Peter and Sophie. Normally they get on well with each other, but there are times when they squabble a bit and get on each other’s nerves. At school they are bright as buttons and sharp as sixpence and are doing quite well in their grade.


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Peter hangs about with the girls more than he hangs about with the boys. He’s more into tennis and softball than he is with baseball or football. At home he spends a lot of the time with Sophie who says he just gets in the way when she wants to have some space to herself. She became quite angry when she caught him going through some of her personal things in her wardrobe. So much so that you told him her bedroom became off limits to him.

This upset Peter greatly, but you felt it was inappropriate for him to go through his sister’s clothes and you told him so. You mentioned that if he ever did it again then it would warrant a spanking.

Some months later your spouse informs you that some of Sophie’s clothes have gone missing, such as her panties and bra to name but two. Immediately suspicion falls on Peter. You question him and he vehemently denies taking them, you ask him again and tell him to look you strait in the eye. He again denies it. So you give him the benefit of the doubt and tell your spouse to check Peter’s bedroom.

She goes through it from top to bottom and not one sign of the panties or bra can be found in his bedroom. Perhaps if she’d taken the time to open Peter’s record case then things would have been a different story. She concludes that she must have mistakenly put them out with the trash.

A couple of days later your spouse takes Sophie to the mall to buy a new bra and panties to replace the two missing items. You ask Peter if he wants to come, but he says he’d rather do some work on the collage he’s working on for his school art project.

About half an hour later you call in at home to pick up some material for your presentation at the office. You are somewhat taken-a-back when you see Peter in Sophie’s bedroom. He’s standing there in front of the mirror wearing one of her dresses.


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You ask him what he’s doing wearing the dress, he breaks down and tells you that it feels good when he’s wearing girls clothes. You then ask him about the missing panties and the bra, he tells you he’s wearing them. It’s too late for you to do anything now as you have to head back to the office. You tell him that you are going to have more words with him later that evening.

After dinner you confront Peter again. In front of you, your spouse and Sophie he confesses that he’s been dressing in Sophie’s clothes for sometime. He goes on to explain that he feels more himself and comfortable when wearing girls clothes than he does his boy things.

Defending her brother, Sophie says, he does spend a lot of time with the girls than he does the boys and he seems more relaxed with them. And then your spouse adds he does help a lot with some of the housework, they normally run a mile if you ask a boy to clean the dishes or put out the trash, but not Peter, he’ll do it for you willingly. Sometimes I see him more as a second daughter than a son, like a sister for Sophie.

Peter says he’s sorry to Sophie for taking her things and dressing in them. He then says sorry to you and your spouse for what he does. He breaks down and says, “I can’t help the way I am Dad.” With tears streaming down his face he looks at his Mom and sister, "I didn't want to hurt all of you, that's why I kept my dressing a secret."

Peter’s put the ball in your court, what do you do next. Do you punish him for his lies and dishonesty and that he broke boundaries in entering Sophie's bedroom when you told him not too?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Heaven, no!

The first thing is a group hug, the next will be some serious talking.

It might be a shock for all but he will get all support he needs.



No punishment.  Perhaps couseling, not to change him, but to help him cope.  He's bound to find life difficult for at least the next few years. He needs all the love and support we can offer.

Make sure to watch the youtube clip.


He's been stealing his sister's clothing and it has to be made clear to him that that is wrong... I don't think I'll punish him this time but he'd better realise that he's not to take her clothes without asking again and all... but first we'll hug him and tell him that he's not in trouble over his cross - dressing.

We do need to talk when things have cooled off a little... it's not clear from the scenario where Peter's sexuality actually lies... he may well be heterosexual in any case rather than homosexual or trans-gender. He will, as Kier mentioned, need counselling to help him accept himself no matter in which direction his proclivities lie.

Stevie does not personally understand the desire to dress up in women's clothing... things female have no appeal whatever for him and all, but he does accept that that is not true for everyone and most especially not for Peter.

Some time in the next week we can take him to buy some nice girl's clothing - if he's too embarrassed to buy them himself we can take Sophie and she can try them under his direction since the pair are apparently close in size - so that we can stop the unauthorised pilfering of clothes...



THAT kid was GOOD! More to point, it nicely addresses a real issue.

I quite agree that there's no punishment for dressing in his sister's clothes but we DO need to talk about boundaries (going into Sophie's room without permission and stealing). Once we're all on the same page we'll go from there.

Big Kid Now

Stealing is wrong, but considering the circumstances, where else was he going to get girl's clothes that would actually fit? He can't exactly buy them. He doesn't deserve a spanking for this, only our support. He already has it from his mother and sister, and I see no reason to disagree with them.


Very interesting B O T D, Murray

I agree with the consensus opinions here. He has explained and been forgiven.

Certainly no punishment. Now that he has had an opportunity to express his real feelings, and been reassured that he is in a kind, loving and supportive family, he does not need to lie and steal Sophie's clothes.

That was wrong but understandable. The good thing is that now it is in the open and the family will be stronger and more united than ever before as result.

John Boy

ditto all around


This is not a punishment issue.

Peter has "come out" in front of the family and although he may need some professional help in future it is, for the moment, a private family issue.

We will assure Peter that he is not the only boy in the world with his feelings, that he still has our love and RESPECT and that he will have our support and understanding any time he wishes to discuss his inner feelings with ANY of us.  That I think is as far as we can go at this moment.

It is positive that he already seems to have his twin Sophie's empathy and support, but we'll also be having a separate private talk with her to ensure she fully understands the situation and the need to keep this within the family.


"Peter - get upstairs to your bedroom now! When I come up in a couple of minutes I expect to see you stripped and lying over the end of the bed. Let's see if I can't thrash this cross dressing nonsense out of you."


John Boy wrote:ditto all around
Me too.
Since my sister is 6 years younger than me (and I hated her to bits) that never occured to me.
But there was a time when I had nearly the same clothing (and footwear) size as my mother who is rather small built. And when I was all alone at home I loved to put on one of my mothers dresses and high heels and pose in front of the big bedroom mirror.
VERY fortunately I never got caught and with my next growth spurt my times as a bedroom model were over.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm in agreement with everyone else that this is not a situation for punishment but rather understanding. I also think we need to figure out what is driving Peter's desire to wear his sister's clothing. If he is transgender, then he may require medical intervention very soon to delay the onset of puberty.



He needs help and I think we the parentst do to , to understand and cope with where Peter is going with this


Thanks for your responses, there was some doubt as to the nature of this BOTD due to its content, in the end it was decided to run it.

I'm pleased most of you gave the response I was hoping you would give, punishment is not the answer.

Peter is a transgendered youth and hence his need to dress up in his sister's clothing. As many of you have said he will need lots of counseling and understanding from his family. He'll start by visiting his family doctor who will then refer him to a psychologist who specializes in such cases.

He or she will evaluate Peter's case and speak to him privately to ascertain if he has transvestite tendencies that is does he enjoy dressing in clothes of the opposite sex and does he derive sexual gratification from this. Or is his need greater and he dresses in them because he believes he's a girl and not a boy.

In Peter's case it's the latter and the psychologist will recommend that Peter should begin transitioning from male to female as soon as possible. He's fortunate as he has a twin sister who will be of great help to him during his period of transition. He's certainly going to need a new wardrobe, he'll wear trousers to school and skirts in the home, there he'll act and look like a girl and as such he'll have to have a girl's name. When the time is right, he'll begin the full transitioning process to become female.

He's going to have to face many obstacles, one of which is going to be from his relations and how they will react on hearing the news. Some will be supportive, while others will be antagonistic toward him. He'll also come up against prejudice from the neighbors, as well as other kids from his school. He'll have to be on his guard when at home and not rush to answer the door bell when he's wearing girls clothes.

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