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BOTD 8/20/14 "Brotherly Bonding" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You have three sons:  Trenton is fourteen, Pierre is thirteen, and Austin is twelve.  The boys are spanked as needed.

Lately the three have not been getting along at all and have been arguing and picking at each other and fighting.  Two nights ago, after you broke the three of them out of a physical fray, you gave each boy three licks with the paddle and promised a more serious spanking if the fighting and arguing didn't stop.  All three boys have their own rooms.

School has recently started back.  Your spouse typically gets the boys to school in the morning but your spouse is out of town for a few days and you have an early meeting.  The boys promise they can get themselves to school with no issues.

You have a guideline in your house that any of the boys can occasionally ask for a "mental health" day off from school.  Your rules for that is that it be arranged in advance, that grades are good and behaviors are good, and that no tests, papers or major projects will be missed.

You are working a bit later than you wanted but trust the boys got to school and home OK.  You call Trenton and he says all is great and tells you to check your Facebook because he tagged you in a picture. He then says he and his brothers are getting along well and have decided to make dinner for you all.

You check your Facebook and see this picture taken today:

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Trenton has tagged you and made the following comment on the picture:
"I guess my brothers and I were about to kill each other or something but today was great.  Austin, Pierre, and I took the day off from school and hung out at the lake and did some fishing and swimming and talking.  After a day chilling with the bros things with us are better than ever."

You did not approve a "mental health day" and you know Pierre had a spelling test and Austin was supposed to present a history project today.

How do you respond?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

I will tell them I am glad they are getting along... However 1. I did not approve a Mental Health day. 2. I know they had some stuff that needed to be done or turned in. 3. They "Promised" they could get to school on their own and they broke that trust. We shall see how they react.


As JB says they have broken the rules and been blatant in doing so even drawing my attention to it.

Is this a test of my intention? Is the notification that they are preparing dinner this evening intended to be taken as something to be set against the transgressions?

I reckon they've all earned themselves a further three licks.


I agree with Ivor. To improve the bonding they can watch each other as well. Oh and I will not stand in the schools way if there are further consequences there, Guess dinner may be off


I'm going to answer this as if I'm in my own ISD.

What I'm not doing is excusing them. They can deal with the repercussions at school on their own.

When they get home from that, I'm reminding them that skipping school is illegal, and all three of them can strip down and pick a switch.

I will use the switch, but maybe not as... thoroughly as I normally do.

I'm glad the boys managed to settle down, but that doesn't justify breaking their word to me, breaking the law, nor posting evidence of their misdeeds on social media; and I plan on assuring myself they understand before I'm finished with them.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Since I appear to be condoning occasional gash days off (and lawbreaking) with my permission I'm somewhat hoist with my own petard.

There are pros and cons:

They have confessed and not tried to deceive me.
They failed to get my permission.
If they truly have re-bonded the day has not been wasted.
If they merely tagged me they chose an extremely stupid way to inform me and the cat is well and truly out of the bag.

I will not take any action beyond delivering a very complete reading of the riot act nor will I be making any excuses to the school on their behalf.

They can sweat that their post will not come to the notice of the school (unlikely) and even if they get lucky on that they still have to explain their absence. Sad


Editor Extraordinaire
I have to agree with MM. Assuming the boys attend a public school, I've been aiding and abetting them in truancy already. They'll have to deal with repercussions from their school, but I won't add to the punishment, other than to wise them up that this wasn't the smartest move.


Stone Man

I'm thrilled the boys have re-bonded, but that won't save them from hearing me give them the riot act. Since they are pretty much stripped down already, I'll have them finish the job and give them each three licks appropriate for them (hard enough to get a response, but not so bad as to ruin the rest of the night).

Then I'll help out or just sit with them in the kitchen whilst they make dinner.

They're on their own when it comes to the school.

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