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BOTD 8/28/14 "Class Dismissed!" A Jack Production

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David M. Katz

A Jack Wells Production
This is your fourteen year old son, Taylor:
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Taylor just started his Freshman year of high school.

Here is a copy of the text conversation between you and Taylor from earlier today:

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Taylor is home now.  

What happens?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

He serves his time, we all have a good laugh and I will have him apologize to the teacher.


Good thing he texted it, because I'm sure I couldn't have kept a straight face if he'd told me in person.

Clever boy. But in this case, too clever for his own good.

Still, it's a very minor crime, at school, already dealt with by school. Beyond suggesting he think before acting next time, and hoping his detention time is productive, I'm not adding any punishment.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with JB. I won't say Taylor didn't deserve the detention, but the poor teacher sure set himself/herself up and has learned a hard lesson through experience. I hope some other staff member can provide some mentoring to improve the person's classroom management.



I concur, although I'm not even sure it merited a detention.

David M. Katz

Like Kier, I am glad he texted so he couldn't see my laughing.

I'm not going to do a darn thing except maybe make a passing remark about "the right place and right time."

It was a school issue and the school handled it.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


DITO John Boy


I wonder how that teacher's colleagues would have reacted when he told them what had happened in his class.

"Disgraceful conduct, I would have spanked the boy." says one teacher

"Give him a week's detention." another interjects.

Later the same two teachers are talking.

"That silly old Haskins got what he deserved, I must admit it took me all my time to keep a straight face."

I would instruct the jury (Taylor's father) to move for an acquittal.


He's starting out at a new school.

We'll discuss the incident and the possible implications of him acquiring a reputation as the Class Clown.


MemoryMan wrote:He's starting out at a new school.

We'll discuss the incident and the possible implications of him acquiring a reputation as the Class Clown.
The detention for cheek seems right to me and yes there will be staff watching out for Taylor after this. I may take it more seriously if dissing his teachers starts becoming a habit even if the teacher asked for it.


This actually reminds me a bit about Mikell. He was actually about to get his butt paddled one time, but he kept insisting, 'but it was funny!'

I finally admitted, 'yes, it was funny, but it was also rude and immature.'

The reason Mikell was in trouble was that he specifically disobeyed me. In this case, I'll admit it was funny, but that it was inappropriate. Then I'll give him a lesson in language - rhetorical comments.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Take yon lad out o' school and bung him into t' mill... 'tis time he were earning his keep as a man in any road...

He'll learn his lesson as little piecer on t' mule earning seven shillings a week and all...



As Doc said, I am happy that we aren't face to face so he won't see my mirth!!

Normally a detention earns a sore rear here but in reality this detention is wholesale unfair.  If a teacher is so patently incompetent as to make such a statement to his/her class, they deserve what just happened IMHO.  I think that I'll be having a chat with the principal/guidance counselor regarding relocation of class or perhaps schools.

To his face, however, I need to remind him not to play class clown and to please show some respect to the position if not the person.

Stone Man

The school has dealt with Taylor. The only talk my boy and I need is about how fragile a good reputation can be in a new school setting. Tay needs to think and pause before engaging his mouth.


I'm with MM. We oldies have that natural wisdom which only comes with age. The boy's face says it all.


I'm with Kier and Dave, I'm STILL laughing lol!

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