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BOTD 08-30-2014 A Blast From the Past - Em-bare-ass-ment 1972 - A Kat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Blast from the Past – Em-bare-Ass-ment – 1972
A Kat Production

You’ve driven your family to a nearby small town to buy tamales from a street vendor. After picking up a few bottles of soft drink, you stop at a little park with picnic tables, which is located along the highway. At first everything goes well, but soon two of your boys, Drew and Robert, ages 7 and ten, begin to misbehave.

Drew 7
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Robert 10
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You decide they both deserve to have their bottoms warmed. (Decide for yourself the specifics of the misbehavior.) The rest of the family is not finished eating and you’d hoped to spend some time enjoying the park after the meal. You decide to spank the two offenders, not overly hard, to straighten them out. The boys are wearing cut offs made of heavy denim that you consider would absorb most of the effect of a hand spanking. Very few cars are passing on the highway; your family are the only people in the park. You decide to give both boys a brisk, bare bottom spanking. Robert, however, begs you not to spank them in the park – or at least not to spank them bare. Will you come up with an alternative to spare them embarrassment or will they just have to grin and bare it?

Can you dig it?

Pi Beta

I'll see if I can wedgie him to expose the relevant area without having him remove everything.


Belt? Twisted Evil

In all honesty, I can't see myself spanking them in public, especially if they are so clearly embarrassed. I may go with a very final warning and if they step out of line again... (leave blank so I don't have to make a decision about what I'll do or then keep it when they do step out of line again.)


If whatever behavior has continued/escalated to the point where I've decided to warm them up they've already burned through "the last warning" stage of things!

If Rob's embarrassed by his predicament too bad; behave yourself in the future and you won't be here!! Twisted Evil


I think in 1972, as a spanking parent, my take would have been they'd had their chance and blown it, and that embarrassment was at least as much of the punishment as pain. If they didn't want what was about to happen to happen, all they'd had to do was behave--that is, stop, when they'd gotten their final warning. Too bad.


Since according to the scenario I hadn't already warned them a spanking was in the offing a quick swat each can serve as their FINAL warning of what will happen if they don't start to behave.

John Boy

I can compromise on their underwear.


It kind of depends on the family situation - if the boys have sisters who are with us, they're probably getting a stay of execution. If not, then I'll probably take them to the car, sit in the back seat, and put them over my lap that way. I'll let them keep their jockeys up until they're otk, anyway.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

I am with Jack - we will go to the car.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


As they are wearing cut-offs, the answer's simple, a few swats on the back of their bare legs and thighs should do the trick. And yes they will have to grin and bare it.

Stone Man

As I did/do it in real life, I will presume that the two boys (and other offspring who have not finished eating) have had warnings issued so both boys will be spanked. I can easily get rid of the tough denim shorts and be happy to spank over the thin cloth of the boys' briefs. I have no problem spanking in front of family members as long as the boys do not have to be bared for all to see.

Personal: Half way between my home and that of my maternal grandparents (3 hours total in those days) was a pull off with outhouses and picnic tables. We always stopped there to stretch our legs and get the wiggles out and usually something to drink. Cars were able to park between tables leaving the drivers side facing the road and the passenger side facing a wet area with nary a home in sight. It was a common occurrence to find a car with both front and rear doors open (shielding a child from view) and hear the sounds of a spanking being given to some misbehaving child.

I even took the opportunity to try it out (as the kid) a few times on myself. What a Face


Waste of time spanking over denim, so the cut-offs are down but for once the briefs can stay up. After all, they were warned what would happen.


I think I will take them back to the car and spank them over their underpants. The bare thighs may gt a little "collateral damage." No more kicking under the table or else...


Anthony wrote:As they are wearing cut-offs, the answer's simple, a few swats on the back of their bare legs and thighs should do the trick. And yes they will have to grin and bare it.

Agreed.  Followed by a warning that any more nonsense will result in the Full Monty as surely as night follows day.  That should do it.


If I am determining what they have done to earn a spanking, then they would already have been given multiple warnings. That would include the final warnings, and being told what would happen if they continued to misbehave.
Drew would be spanked first, bare bottomed (this should be considered the 'normal' way for them to be spanked, I would not spank them any other way), and Robert will take his as well, complaining or not.

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