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BOTD 09-19-2014 Dad of the Day - Choices and Consequences - A Jack Wells Production

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Dad of the Day - Choices and Consequences
A Jack Wells Production

You just had a great weekend.  You had a three day weekend, so your Uncle came and picked you up after school.  Your cousin is just a year younger than you, and the two of you get along great.  That night, you went to a haunted house.  Saturday, Uncle took you both to the state fair.  Sunday, most of the day was spent watching football, but you took an afternoon break (during a couple of games no one was real interested in), to go to a nearby pumpkin patch, where you each picked out a pumpkin to carve, got some snacks, went through the corn maze, and road a couple of old rides they have.

Over all, it was a pretty corny, but totally great weekend.  Uncle even let you and your cousin sleep in, then he came home from work at lunch to take you home.

When you arrive home, you notice something's wrong.  Your video consoles are missing, you can't turn on your stereo, your TV, or your computer.  When you look, there's some kind of gizmo locked around the power cords so they can't be plugged in.  The family computer now has a password on it.  

You call Dad.

Dad asks about your weekend.  He doesn't really like you to call him at work, but he seems interested, asks questions, and he seems happy you had a good time.  Finally, you ask him about your stuff.  

"And did you know there's a password on the computer now, Dad?" you finish.

"Yes, I do. Did you know that you left your backpack on the coach, didn't feed the animals or clean their bowls and the cat box, and that the laundry hamper and trash can in your room were both full after you left?"

"Oh.  So I'm grounded?"

"Pretty much."

"How long?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"But, Dad - that sucks.  Couldn't you do something else?"

Dad is willing to drop the restrictions, but only if you can convince him.  He assures you that he doesn't mind doing the chores so much, it's that you were irresponsible and broke your word to him.  To be fair, you did kind of promise to do those things before you left, when he gave you double allowance for the week, so you'd have some extra spending money for the visit.

You hang up the phone and grimace pensively.
You at 14, grimacing pensively (you think... What does that word actually mean, anyway?)
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Your dad can be strict, but he's usually not too harsh.  You know that if you get that homework done before Dad asks about it, and if you do all your chores for today and a little extra, he'll probably only leave you on electronics restriction two or three days... Probably.  On the other hand, as much as you enjoyed your weekend, you were really into Destiny, and you wanted to spend a couple of hours on it this evening, before getting back to the school grind.

You know what he meant when he offered to let you off the restrictions, though.  When you were little, he used to spank you as often as you needed it.  With his hand at first, but, as you got older, he added a small paddle, a brush, his belt, a bath brush, a larger paddle.  He said he liked to use a variety so you (and your butt) didn't get too accustomed to anything.  You think it worked, because you bawled every time he decided you needed to, and your spankings always seemed to hit you harder than your friends did them (unless they were downplaying things, which, come to think about it, you did to them about your own).  

Over dad's lap, the side of your bed, a chair, the arm of the sofa, the backseat of the car one time... At  your house, church, Grandma's house, a car more than once, a hotel... The one thing that's remained constant about your whuppings is that they're always on your bare butt.

So, how bad do you want out of your restriction?  Do you hope Dad only goes two or three days?  If not, what are you going to suggest he use?  What position?  How many?  Will you be ready and waiting to get it when he gets home, or will you wait until he agrees?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

Dad seems reasonable. I am going to work hard and get the chores and homework done before he gets home. When Dad gets home we will negotiate things a bit. I think a moderate spanking with Dad's belt seems a reasonable trade off so I will offer to accept that. Hopefully Dad will counter with something a little less.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

I'm going to set to and get all the chores that I ignored done and done well along with anything else I can see needs to be done. Then I'll dive into my homework, even though I have none as I always get it done during school time and only carry books so I won't be the only one going home without them.

I'm telling Dad that I really don't want any restrictions if at all possible and will accept whatever he level of CP decides on as he's always been fair to me. I see no reason that he would refuse, as he always leaves me bawling and well punished. Plus I know he secretly enjoys our time together.

Then I'll lower my shorts and briefs and look for something to bend over.

John Boy

David M. Katz wrote:Dad seems reasonable.  I am going to work hard and get the chores and homework done before he gets home.  When Dad gets home we will negotiate things a bit. I think a moderate spanking with Dad's belt seems a reasonable trade off so I will offer to accept that. Hopefully Dad will counter with something a little less.


I'll go along with the Katz answer, although in this case as we would be doing a trade, I'd want to agree beforehand, at the very least, what I was going to be spanked with.


"Hmm!  I'm not stupid.  Those restrictions are way OTT for what I did.

All that "this hurts me more than it hurts you" guff  I know damn well that he likes spanking my bare butt even though he tries to hide it.

Still; Dads spankings have never been too severe and since I haven't been spanked for a while now its pretty clear he's shooting for another go before I get too old.

Wonder if he'll wait for me to suggest it?  

Ah well! Its the lesser of the evils; wonder if I'll still cry like I used to?"


Huh! Not much response to this one.

This is based on a real life situation, but one a bit over 16 years in the past.

In actuality, I put a password on the computer, and there were no other restrictions. I enhanced it for this scenario, just to see what reaction I would get.

As I recall, Mikell was the only one home that afternoon. He did call me, and the conversation went much like I described. I knew why he'd called, but dragged it out. Finally he asked, "Did you know there's a password on the computer?"

I responded, "Yes. Did you know you..." What he did to tick me off is a long story, but suffice to say it was a repeat offense, and he'd been warned.

When I got home, he was in his boxers, and had paddle in hand, but you could tell he wasn't enthusiastic. We had a long talk, then put away the paddle. I took the password off before leaving for work the next morning, but with the stern warning that, if it happened again, it would result in a sore butt for him.

It did happen again, by the way. Maybe one day, I'll start writing again and get around to that story.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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