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BOTD 09-28-2014 The Last Popsicle - A Leti Production

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A Leti Production

Your fraternal twin sons, Dan and Doug, are now seven.  Dan and Doug do get spankings if the behavior warrants it.

Today, Dan and Doug were sitting by your pool enjoying themselves and having a Popsicle. The boys finish their Popsicles

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There is only one Popsicle left in the freezer and the boys decide to race to see who gets it.  They playfully run in the house and to the kitchen.  While in the kitchen they engage in some wrestling and rough housing each trying to open the freezer first. Each boy gets a hand on the freezer handle and jerks the door open.  They are still wrestling as both try to reach in the freezer together.

You have just stored an ice cream cake in the freezer.  The cake is for a friend's birthday celebration which will occur in a few hours.  Your twins manage to knock the cake out of the freezer and it falls to the floor and breaks.  

The commotion and noise draws your attention and you enter the kitchen to see your sons wrestling over a Popsicle and your cake laying smashed in the floor. You really do not have time to go buy another cake.

What do you do?  More importantly, who gets the last Popsicle?

Can you dig it?


It was an accident. The boys weren't disobedient. Unless they've previously been warned about this behavior, the fact that the cake was ruined, or that I don't have time to make/buy another one is irrelevant.

I'm going to call Baskin Robbins and see if they can throw together another cake, with or without decorations. I bet they can. If the one on the floor is salvageable for family use, it will go back in the freezer. No one gets a popsicle now, though I'll pick up a new box when I'm out.

IMO, kids should be spanked for breaking rules, or for dangerous behaviors--they should not be spanked for being boys and inconveniencing me by doing so.


Stevie will apprentice the evil pair to a nice master chimney sweep he knows... these two will make a nice matched pair of climbing boys and all...

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Stevie Twisted Evil

John Boy

Neither will get the last Popsicle they will get a swat each and some corner time for roughhousing.


Nobody is getting the last popsicle - today. Guess it was all my fault as if I hadn't eaten one myself the other day to leave an odd number this wouldn't have happened.......

If the cake is unsalvageable then so be it. I shall have to explain to my friend.

The twins are going to get a couple of pops as opposed to popsicles and can do some corner time to calm them down and help them reflect on the consequences of their actions.

It's not clear for whom the cake was meant, but if it was for a party that the pair were scheduled to attend, they're going to miss out now.


We sell ice cream cakes in the Snack Bar and Grill. If it's really frozen, I doubt it's unusable (unless the top came off, which is another bet all together).

As for the popsicle, it's mine. As for the twins - their bottoms are mine as well. Technically, they may have a slight chance to get away with it, but I haven't met a 7-year old yet who could lie well enough to cover up what led to this (much less when they had to worry about their partner-in-crimes story). They were running in the house and wrestling in an unsafe area, and know they'll be thinking about it while their little red wagons cool off.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Guess the cake was still soft. Shall have to buy a gateau or something to replace it. The twins get pops and no popsickle. They can cool themselves off in separate corners for a while


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier. This was an accident. Other than an admonishment about the time and place for wrestling, I don't think this calls for punishment.



Throw me in Doc's camp on this!  B-R or Carvelle's can replace my cake easily enough on our way to the party.  It's boys being boys.  I'M taking the last popsicle! Evil or Very Mad


I'm also with Kier. This was an accident. That's what boys DO!


Stone Man

I'm with Jack.

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