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BOTD 10-05-2014 A Last Minute Change of Mind - A Murray Campbell Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Last Minute Change of Mind
A Murray Campbell Production

Tony your 14-year-old son has just about finished his Saturday chores, his last one is the shopping. His Mom gives him her shopping list. First call is the grocers and then the butcher to get the meat for the Sunday roast.

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When he gets back home you give him his weekly allowance, part of which goes toward the money he’s saving for the summer vacation. He tells you that he’s going into town to have a look around the shops. The central business district in the town where you live is quite small in comparison to the one in city, which is ten miles away.  For one thing, the city has a far greater variety of stores.

Tony has often been to the city on his own, you don’t mind this provided he tells you where he’s going first. However, he has said that he’s only going into town today. It’s only a five minute walk from your home to the bus stop and when Tony gets there he sees the bus to the city is waiting at the bus stop. Seeing it there he has a last minute change of mind and decides to board the bus.

About a couple of hours later, there is a knock at the door; you open it to find a police officer standing on the doorstep. He asks if you are the father of Anthony Polovski, and when you tell him you are he asks if he might come into the house to have a word with you. You invite him in and take him into the lounge.

When seated the officer tells you Tony was involved in an accident with a car, he’s OK, but he has a superficial injury which is a friction burn to his left buttock as a result of being dragged by the car involved in the accident. The doctor at the hospital says, Tony will be discharged from the hospital once he has had his injury treated and has been given a tetanus injection.

Its mid afternoon that Tony is brought home in a police car. When he gets out of it he limps into the house. Tony is sorry that he made a last minute decision to go to the city rather than the town, without asking you if he could go. In view of this what is your reaction and is a spanking on the cards?

Can you dig it?


He's gone alone before with my blessing. The issue was going without letting me know. Had he not been involved in the accident, I wouldn't have known at all.

I'm going to point that out to him, in the context that it would be better if I'd known where he was and could have fetched him, rather than coming home in a police car. I'd like to know how he was "involved in an accident with a car" that resulted in his being dragged and sustaining a friction burn to his buttock. The mechanism for that is discussion worthy--given the scare he's had, and the injury he's sustained, even if it was gotten attempting to skateboard while holding onto a bumper (or something equally stupid and risky), I think natural consequences will suffice and no additional punishment is needed.

Stone Man

Its not a case of being out-of-bounds, its just a matter of not informing me of his change of venue. And a Kier pointed out, it's unlikely I'd have even known if there hadn't been an accident.

There will be a discussion, and this event does point out the reason I want/need to kept informed of my boy's actual whereabouts.

No spanking today.... Darn it all. Twisted Evil


Presumably this is pre mobile phone era so there was no way he could tell me of his change of plans.

As he's been to the city own his own before that isn't an issue other than in the sense that he changed his mind and thus I didn't know where he was.

I don't see this as a spanking offence - especially with him having an injured buttock already. I think we just need to have a serious conversation about communication in the future.

[PS: Good thing the marks from the whipping I gave him last weekend have faded as otherwise the Dr. might have raised some questions!]

David M. Katz

scratch And, what kind of parent am I? scratch

The police tell me that my son has been in an accident and is being treated at the hospital yet I am not out the door at once?

I read the informational visit and the dropping at home to be two different events. There would have been no need for the cops to bring him home - I would have been there.

And what hospital is going to provide treatment for a non-life threatening injury without consent of a parent or guardian? Not only did this happen but they discharged the boy without a parent or guardian there to take charge of the minor.

These two points are making it hard for me to give a sensible answer but I think a sensible answer is in the line of those given by Kier or ivor.

Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil However, if I am a parent who cares so little as to not even bother to go to the hospital then I would probably wear the boy out when he got home and then cut his allowance until the hospital bill was paid.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


David has a couple of good points. Since this is in the day and age when someone had to go to the butcher's separate from the grocer's (and why did I have the boy walk home with the meat? - must not be set in Texas Smile ), the odds are fair that his rear is worse after a session with me than after this. Still, I would have wanted to be there to see it.

However, going along with the scenario - he's 14. This is actually very close to something I had happen a year or so ago with Barry. He'd made several trips into Dallas without letting me know, but then it came out - I think it was just him feeling guilty or worried. At that time, I explained to him why I wanted to know where he was, and why it was a good idea to let someone know when he was outside his usual area. However, I didn't consider it a punishable offense, and he wasn't injured.

Tony and I are going to have that same discussion, but I think that's all that's required.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


sorry i was offensive.

I shan't post again.

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David M. Katz


Thanks so much for the clarification and insight to the cultural norms of the era. Makes sense now.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm with David.May be I had no phone or car. Both plausble in the 50s. Its why we used to have bright red telephone boxes in the UK of course. Still Next time he goes where he says he's going or else

Pi Beta

His actions up to the accident cause me no real concern based on the supposed era. It is quite possible that he had intended to ring me (if I had a telephone) as soon as he arrived in the city but had the accident as he made his way to the telephone box.

Lots of sympathy; no more.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier.



I can't add to Kier's summary.

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