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BOTD 10-12-14 Your Son the Vandal - An Ivor Production

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Your Son the Vandal
An Ivor Production

Your neighbor came across your 14 year old son Ethan on some waste ground earlier today. Ethan was busy further destroying an old building that had already been damaged.

Your neighbor called Ethan over to remonstrate with him at which point this happened:

Ethan (Americans remember this means middle finger)
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Is Ethan going to be in trouble for the vandalism as well as the gesture? And what will his punishment be?

Can you dig it?


Dangerous, destructive, ILLEGAL behavior? Followed by a very disrespectful gesture?

Ethan, go pick a switch. And plan on crying alone in your room in seclusion for the rest of the weekend.


It really depends on the situation. Is this building condemned? How/why is it damaged, and what's to be done with it?

I'm going to assume, since the neighbor felt it was worth remonstrating with Ethan over, that there's good reason he shouldn't be messing with it. I can't really say what his punishment would be without knowing more about the building. As to the gesture, I'm going to ask Ethan what the man was saying to him, and why he made the gesture. Unless this guy is a close family friend or something, I'll probably talk to Ethan about getting along and ask him to apologize, but not punish him for it.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

I am going to look at this from Ethan's POV. The building is already trashed - why not have a little fun with it? Then some busy body neighbor pokes his nose in and so yeah, I'm gonna flip him off.

Yes it is trespass and vandalism and probably unsafe but I think all I am going to do is have a talk with my boy.

When I was about this age, maybe a little younger, we lived near an old abandoned house. After five or six years exposure to the neighborhood boys there was really little left of it when the fire department used it for a training site and burned it down.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

Ditto the Katz and Jack club


This is one I can't properly answer on the information given.

If Ethan has tearaway tendencies and my neighbour is a good friend then, as they say, his ass is grass.

If on the other hand Ethan is generally a 'good' boy, the building derelict, and my neighbour an interfering busybody my response would be very different.


Editor Extraordinaire
I tend more towards Kier's thinking on this, though I don't think I'd use a switch. Ethan doesn't need to be vandalizing anything, whether it is condemned or not, for the very good reason it's dangerous. It's probably illegal as well. Furthermore, I really don't like disrespect of this sort. Even if Ethan were in the clear about his activities and the neighbor an interfering nuisance, Ethan should have better communication skills than making vulgar gestures. He is being confrontational and obnoxious. I expect better of my kid.



I'm with kier and kat on this .......but only the switching no seclusion.

Vandalism is what it is even if it is old and falling apart. It is not his property to be on and as for the finger that was really uncalled for......

Maybe I'm feeling a bit ticked off right about now with kids going onto others property because I was gone all afternoon yesterday and came home to my fall/ halloween display on my front porch all messed with and I have others stuff that is not mine..... Mad

Hugs kal

Stone Man

I'm presuming things and going with Kier and Kat.

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