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14 Oct 2014 - Before and After: A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

This is your eleven year old son, Kyle. Kyle is in trouble and knows it. You could not find him and went looking and finally found him hiding in a tree.
KYLE - 11
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Why is Kyle in trouble? Why is he in this tree? How will you get him down or will you even try?

What happens with Kyle once he comes out of the tree?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


This little angel can't be in trouble.

But if he is, he will have to come down eventually. And his bib will probably come down as well...

John Boy

Kyle went to a friends house after school without telling me. He also give my SO sass when she called him out on it. He will get enough of a reminder of the rules, with a few extra for the hiding from punishment.

Stone Man

Kyle was caught cheating at school to help his best friend.

That stand of trees has always been a place of retreat for Kyle, in good times and in bad.

"How will I get him out of the tree" Chain saw affraid

Just kidding.

I have no trouble talking with Kyle with him in the tree. By the time we're finished kyle will be aware of my feelings and I his, but I see no way that he would get away without consequences, and in his case that is a spanking.

I will give him fifteen minutes to come to me in my workshop and tell him that the consequences will increase if he delays beyond that time.


It look like fall so the tree will soon be bare and so will Kyle.

He wouldn't be hiding up there unless he'd done something bad so in time he'll come down and tell me what it was. But he knows now the longer he stays up there the worse the consequence will be.


"Kyle. You were promised a spanking if you didn't clear your room before coming out. That stands; but if you haven't got started within the next five minutes I'll be cutting a switch from this tree to use."


Kyle and the truth haven't been on close terms lately. He was promised a deluxe version with the Tail Blazer the next time I caught him fibbing.

This morning he told me he was all ready to go early, and was using the time to play Pokemon, because he didn't have time to play with the new Shiny Gengar we got last night at the giveaway.

As we were ready to walk out the door, it turned out that 'he was ready' actually meant - except putting stuff in my back pack, brushing my teeth, and putting cat food down.

I helped him get ready, so we could be there on time, and I didn't say a thing about spankings, but he knows I always keep my promises.

Kyle's up in the tree, because he got too worried waiting for me. He can see my car coming up the street from there, and he was planning to run away, but he fell asleep waiting for me.

Now he and I have talked things out. I've told him that he did fib, so I'm keeping my word, but that if he comes down now, I won't take his DS or ground him to his room the rest of the day (for leaving the house without leaving me a note). He's still pretty worried about getting a deluxe, but he knows I'll play with him after dinner, if he's not grounded, so he'll come on down.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

I'll want to know first how he's managed to go out to the tree and climb it yet have such remarkably clean feet!

Since he's so unusually clean - clothes as well - he's clearly hoping that his cleanliness now will persuade me not to follow through with my promise of what would happen to him if got his school clothes dirty playing by the dyke on the way home.

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