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BOTD 10/22/14 "A Hole In One" A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

A Hole In One
A Late Chat Production

Your seven year old son, Roger, loves golf. Roger was recently allowed to attend a week long day camp for young golfers. He has also recently been given his own set of clubs that are just the right size for him.

If roger needs a punishment then spanking works well for him.

Roger - 7

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The houses in your neighborhood are very close together and so Roger is not permitted to drive golf balls in the yard. You take him to a driving range to do that. Roger is allowed to practice putts. Roger is fully aware of the rule and why it is there.

Roger takes his new cubs outside and tells you he is just going out to putt.

A few minutes later a distressed Roger comes to you and tells you he drove a golf ball through the next door neighbor's window. The neighbors aren't home. Roger explains he didn't mean for it to happen. Roger said he decided one drive wouldn't hurt and he was certain he could control the shot but it sliced. You look over and see one of the panes of glass in your neighbor's kitchen window is shattered.

What do you do?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


He's already distressed. He knows he screwed up.

I'm going to tell him "Now do you understand why you don't practice drives in the yard?" punctuated with a few smacks on his bottom.

We will then wait for the neighbors to return, explain, apologize, and offer to pay for the damage. Roger can "help" pay for the damage by doing some household chores.


Well now Roger what are we going to do about this? This is one of those tricky ones where the disobedience was willful even if the damage caused wasn't deliberate. Sadly Roger did know this potential result was why the rule was in place so yes he is in trouble. If our neighbours aren't home today I will board up the window and leave a note of apology and a cheque for the damages. When they are home I will bring Roger round to apologize if I know these people to be reasonable

What of Roger. I think he knows whats coming. Because he owned up straight away and he is only 7 I think a firm hand spanking and a contribution from his allowance will suffice. The clubs can also go in the loft for a day or too. I will warn him that even putting in the garden will be banned if he succumbs to temptation to drive there again

Murray Campbell

When Roger has finished his explaining he ends it by saying he wonders how many windows Tiger Woods broke when he was his age.

Nevertheless, you decide that a full spanking is not called for, just a couple of swats on his be-shorted legs. When you finish swatting him, you give Roger a big hug, as you do you look at your neighbors window and think, the kid's just made his first hole in one.

John Boy

ditto Kier


I hope Roger hasn't drive a wedge between us and the neighbors!

I think Kier's answer will suffice on this occasion but any repeat and your spoon will be put into use.

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Seven is at the age where I expect them to be able to follow rules. I would already have explained the reasons he's not allowed to putt.

"Now do you believe that I know what I'm talking about?"

As to what we do, I'll find some card board to put over the window, until we can get a glaser to come out (presumably after our neighbors arrive home. In the meantime, Roger will be getting a standard spanking for disobedience.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Kier.


Stone Man

I agree with Squarecutter.

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