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BOTD 10-26-2014 - Coming Out - A MM Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Coming Out?
A MemoryMan Production
You are living back in the days when cp was still permitted in UK schools and you live in one of the more devout communities in the NW Highlands where "spare the rod.........etc" is still the child rearing mantra for many families.

You have an only son, 12yo Sandy, who is generally a trustworthy and responsible kid.  However you are not in the thrall of the Kirk Elders and although Sandy falls a tad short of being an angel he has never been formally spanked by you.  You have found that on the occasions when he does misbehave that words, combined with an occasional attention grabbing stinger or two across the seat of his breeks, or some thinking time banished to his room, is all that is needed to bring him into line.

Sandy -12
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One day you come home unexpectedly and hearing strange sounds upstairs go up to find him lying across his bed whacking his bared doups with the tawse you keep hanging on the wall - an heirloom often used on you, but never by you.  You note his cheeks are quite pink, but they are nothing like the colour of his face when you cough and he spins round.

You sit on the bed and, embarrassed, he sits beside you and looking resolutely at the floor mumbles he just wanted to know how it felt.  He explained his friends often 'get the leather' at home and he thinks he's the only one who doesn't so he pretends he does.  Some of them who visit your house have commented on the tawse you have hanging up "Bet that really hurts" they say "Aye" he tells them "Its a real killer on the bare."

He went on. "Last week I was playing in Jamie's house when his dad came in looking really mad. "Upstairs and breeks off" he stormed at Jamie getting the strap off its hook.  "You can getaway home he wont be out again today." He told me, but I didn't come home, I went out and stood under his open bedroom window and I heard it all."

Sandy turned to look at me.  "It was horrible Dad.  I counted seven whacks and then I couldn't count the rest 'cos Jamie was making so much noise - and Jamie's the toughest kid in our class.  I've had it on the palm at school a few times and that hurts plenty but Jamie never even puts his hand under his armpits.  Can a skelping on the bare doups be so much worse to make him cry all that much?  I just can't stop thinking about it.  I've been thinking about it all week and I can't let Jamie know I was listening; that's why I tried it on myself but I could only get up a bit of a sting."

"Believe me it can," I assured him. "Specially with that strap."

Sandy sat quiet for a minute and then took a deep breath. "Dad" he said "Jamie's my best frieind and I feel really bad about spying on him like and then trying it out.  If you give me a real skelping I deserve for it I'll be cured 'cos then I'll know what its really like, like my friends do and I won't have to keep on telling lies to them."

Suddenly he pushed the strap in your hand and threw himself across your lap.

What will you do?

Can you dig it?


I'm going to stand Sandy up and have him at least pull up his shorts. Then we can sit down and talk.

If I've never spanked him, just because I've never spanked him, then I don't see a reason I shouldn't now. If I do have some specific reason, I'll explain that to him.

As for me, and assuming no general reason, I think I'll suggest that listening out of curiosity, isn't nice, and it's hardly a sin. I'm also going to point out that his father being upset with him probably affected how he took it, as well as not having an audience to perform for. All that aside, if he wants to know what a stroke from the tawse fills like, I think I can satisfy his curiosity.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
I'll tell him that when I was his age I would have done exactly the same as he did and that I suspect every other boy would have done the same.

I don't see it as a skelping offence, but if he really does want to know what it is like, I will oblige him with just one hard application of the tawse across his bared rump - but only the one.

John Boy

ditto Jack again

David M. Katz

I am having a real hard time relating to this one so I am going to ditto Jack's answer. scratch

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I reckon this is a case where curiosity needs to be satisfied and doing so won't kill the cat.

He's felt the tawse at school but he's unhappy about telling lies to his friends about feeling it at home. I'll tell him I'll do what he asks but if I do he'll need to understand that I may well use the tawse on him again in future when he misbehaves.

I don't think a single stroke will be sufficient in these circumstances so he'll get three -moderately hard.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm inclined to agree with Ivor. Sandy's curiosity needs to be satisfied; and whether his conscience or bad or he is merely curious, I don't want him seeking the experience somewhere else.



I agree with Ivor.

I'll let him specify a number - and then he's committed.



Stone Man

I'm in the Ivor camp.

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