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BOTD 11/5/14 "It's Just Trash" A Late Chat Production

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A Late Chat Production

Your fourteen year old son, Logan, is on a break from school. You are rather liberal with Logan, especially on school holidays, but there is one thing he is required to do every week. Logan is to make sure all of the trash is collected and that the can is taken to the curb by Friday morning as the truck comes each Friday. Logan typically takes care of the trash on Thursday night.

It is Friday morning and you are leaving for work. You note Logan is still awake and has apparently been playing a video game all night. You are not too overly concerned as there is no school and you assume Logan will grab a nap soon. You go outside and notice the can has not been taken to the curb. You step inside and remind Logan of the trash.

Logan acknowledges you and says he will take care of it "in a minute - as soon as he gets to a save point." You head on to work.

LOGAN - 14
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You get home and notice the trash can was never taken to the curb and the truck has come and gone for the week. You go inside and find Logan is still playing his video game. (You ascertain that he did "take a nap and get something to eat.") You ask about the trash and remind Logan you told him about it before you left that morning.

Logan gets indignant and says, "I guess I forgot. It's no big deal, it's just trash."

Your response?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Well, at my home it wouldn't indeed be "a big deal". I just have to buy a additional trash bag that will last for the next week's trash. Of course the fee will come out of his allowance. And to make sure he will not forget the next week's trash his game console will "live with me for a week".


Logan will spend his Saturday taking the weekly trash, and any other household rubbish that might be hanging about the house needing disposal, to the dump with me... I'll make sure he handles all the nastiest, smelliest stuff... which shouldn't be too difficult to find since it's been percolating in the garage for an extra week.

The dump fees will, of course, come out of his allowance, and I'll tally up the time he spends on the job so I can gleefully inform him how much money he's lost (I usually pay him $10.00 an hour for extra stuff like this and all but he's working for free today).

Then, I'll ask him if, indeed, it is "just trash".


David M. Katz

I think Stevie has a reasonable response here. DITTO

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


From the way the scenario is written this is a "one off" slip up and Logan is right.

This IS no big deal.

However a mild sanction will be forthcoming for his insouciance.


Logan seems to have decided that he is not only on a break from school but also from his chores.

How much of a problem he has caused depends on how full the bin was and when the next collection will be. Here it is fortnightly so missing one can be a 'big deal', especially as nothing other than what is in the bin will be collected.

I think he needs a reminder that jobs must be done in a timely manner, but whether I do that by removing his addiction or by infliction is a moot point.


I'm going to apologize to Logan. It's obvious that I thought he was mature enough to handle no bedtime and unlimited screen time, while still taking care of things. When the next break comes, he'll keep his (weekend) bedtime and screen time limits, and then we won't have to worry about it again.

Part of me wants to suggest storing any garbage in excess of what we have room for in his bedroom, but that would probably be a bit over the top.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm with Stevie. Just trash becomes more than that if you leave it and just because its the hols doesn't mean life stops.

Pi Beta

Since I didn't bother to put out my black wheelie bin today, I'd be rather hard put to punish him for not putting it out. However, my bin was less than a third full, it has nothing in it that will smell if left until the next fortnightly collection and won't be full in a fortnight's time - unlike my blue (recyclable rubbish) and green (garden waste) that will be collected next week. Here there would be no cost involved - my local council doesn't get upset about overfilled bins.

I would, however, be seriously concerned at his apparent addiction and would be seeking to cure him of that. I'll be putting restrictions on his use of electronics both in term and holiday time.

John Boy

I'll ditto Katz dittoing Stevie all the Ditto Day


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Pi Beta. The game addiction concerns me more than the garbage.



Ditto jack

Hugs kal

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