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BOTD 11/6/14 "The Entrepreneur (And Friends)" A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

A Late Chat Production

This is your neighbor's son, twelve year old Daniel.  Daniel is a friend of your son, Randy, who has just turned thirteen.

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Daniel told his fourteen year old sister some information and she went to her father, your neighbor, to complain.  Your neighbor called you to express his concern.

Daniel told his sister that Randy liked to watch her in her room from his tree house.  Daniel says that Randy has seen "everything."  Daniel further said that Randy would let other neighborhood boys watch too for a fee.  Your neighbor's daughter has a rather secluded room and never bothered to draw her blinds.  Her window would only be visible at the right angle from Randy's tree house.

You thank your neighbor for letting you know and promise to handle it.  You go out and see Randy in his tree house with binoculars and he is obviously looking towards your neighbor's house.  Waiting for their turn outside the tree house are your neighbors from the other side, thirteen year old fraternal twins Jacob and Jeremy.  You overhear Randy reminding the other boys that the fee is one dollar per minute.  

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RANDY - 13
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Randy comes clean about what he has been doing and says he has made almost thirty dollars.  You send Jacob and Jeremy home. Randy then says that Daniel is the one who showed him how he could see the window.  Randy continues to drag Daniel under the bus and says he gives Daniel a "cut" of the fees and Daniel will text him every time his sister is in her room especially if she is dressing or has been in the shower. Randy then says that is how he knows when to look and when to text the other boys to let them know he is open for business.

How do you deal with Randy?

You are Daniel's parent.  Your neighbor calls you back to tell you the issue is handled but tells you of your son's involvement.  Daniel finally admits to his part in the issue.

What happens to Daniel?


You are Jacob and Jeremy's parent.  Your neighbor calls and explains that your sons were paying Randy for the opportunity to watch the other neighbor's teen daughter.  Your neighbor explains he caught your sons in the act.

What happens to Jacob and Jeremy?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
1. The treehouse comes down. Randy's trousers come down, my belt comes down more times than he would wish on his upturned backside and he hands over his ill-gotten gains to a charity. Though tempted to invite Daniel's sister to observe his punishment, I'll resist that.

2. Daniel's sister will watch Randy's backside get a de luxe session with my belt and he'll hand over his cut of Randy's "earnings" to her.

3. The twins will claim that though they were waiting to have a look, they hadn't yet had their turn. If I can get confirmation of that from Randy and his father, they'll get a severe telling off and be grounded. If I find that they have been voyeurs, they too will be feeling a belt slamming into their upturned rumps.

David M. Katz

Sigh. The joys (NOT) of puberty.

OK, the boys don't understand the concept of exploitation of women for financial gain even though, bottom line, that's what this boils down to. They are just ravaged by hormones right now. Still, they had a concept of what they were doing was wrong.

1. Randy will fully understand the concept noted above after I bend his ears for a while. He can then bend over for a session with my belt. His earnings will be donated to a woman's charity.

2. I am more upset with Daniel than I would be Randy. He was the mastermind behind the wrongful violation of his sister's privacy. Daniel will get a sound telling off and then I will invite big sister to witness his spanking. (Perhaps she has a few friends she would like to invite to watch? Twisted Evil ) Daniel's earnings go to his sister.

3. I will follow Pi's logic with Jacob and Jeremy. If they can convince me of their "innocence" then they will escape with just a lecture. However, if I can ascertain some culpability then there will be a dual roasting.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


This one could be quite serious... if Daniel's sister laid a police complaint against Randy, he could be in a great deal of trouble...

In certain US states, he could be labelled as a sex offender... in Canada, I don't believe this would be the case, but there would be legal repercussions and Randy would probably end up in some kind of compulsory treatment program, and might end up with community service and all... certainly, this falls under the provisions of the Young Offender's Act.

Hopefully, the problem isn't escalated to this level and I can deal with it myself without referral to the legal system. If so, Randy is grounded for a very long time, and the tree fort will come down. Spanking is not an option for a thirteen year old here... though I might be really tempted. He has to learn how serious this behaviour actually is.

The money goes to charity... probably to one that helps victims of sexual assaults.


John Boy

Ditto Katz


Pi has covered it for me, although I don't see the need for the treehouse to come down. as I cannot imagine it will ever be used for this particular purpose again.


This smells very fishy to me.

Why would Daniel want to cut off his income stream by telling his sister what was going on?

Also why didn't sis start closing her blinds the moment she knew?

My guess is that Daniel was trying to cut her in to get a better show and when negotiations failed over the size of her cut she reverted to being the stereotypical sister who fails to get her own way. "I'm going to tell"

Ah well! boys will be boys - dads will be dads - and straps will be straps.

Hidings all round.


Editor Extraordinaire
I don't care where her room is located; the sister should have been closing the blinds all along. I'll go along with Pi's solutions, but if I'm the parent of the young lady, she's getting a stern warning as well.



I'm kind of with MM and Kat here - if they can see into her room, she can see the tree house, and she was still undressing (apparently at unusual times, since I never thought anything of the kids being in the tree house) with her blinds open. That's not to say that what the boys were doing will be tolerated, it's just that I feel I'm not getting the whole story.

I'm letting Randy keep the tree house, because there are a lot of uses for it, but he's losing those binoculars, his money, and his ability to sit comfortably. At 12, I think a deluxe session with the hairbrush will be about right.

As Daniel's Dad, he'd be getting blistered and losing his phone for a while, since he was misusing it.

As either of their father's, they'd both be getting a long discussion about using people, illegal photography and the risks, and why pornography can be bad.

The twins would be getting the same lecture, but I don't feel they did as much wrong as the other two boys, so that's probably all they'll be getting.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Did these boys have a row or something. Short of knocking down the treehouse which I think would be a shame I am in agreement with Pi and Jack. The main principals get the belt  and the treehouse is off limits for a week and the binoculars for a month,. The 30 bucks go to the Rspb... ahem. The would be customers get a stern warning and if they already paid they will not be getting it back. Neighbour sister will receive endless nagging from her mother about drawing her curtains in future

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