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BOTD 11-08-14 Almost an Angel - A Late Chat Production

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Almost an Angel
A Late Chat Production

Albert, eleven years old, sings like an angel in the cathedral choir. The Christmas recital is coming, and there are many practices and warm up concerts in preparation. He has been busy with school and his choral work.

Albert - 11
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He is a good boy, but like all boys, he doesn't keep the cleanest room. You have been on him to get it in order, but he's been procrastinating, focused only on the coming concerts and his part.

Finally, you have told him that he cannot spend the night with his choir friends before the concert if he doesn't sort out his room. You remind him that he has all of tomorrow afternoon.

The next day he's is waiting for you with his duffel when you get home. You have your doubts, but you go have a look at his room, and you're surprised! The bed is made, mostly - a little rumpled, but that can work, and the floor is clear. It's good enough and you drive him to spend the night with his friends.

The following afternoon, before you set out for the concert, you get a text message from Albert asking you to get another clean shirt for him as he spilt on the one he took.

You go to his room and take shirt out of his dresser. In case it gets cool, you decide to get a sweater as well, and open his closet, and you're immediately buried! Everything that was on the floor of his room was piled into his closet! The last indignity was bowl of half-eaten cereal that lands on your head.

What tune will Albert be singing now?

Can you dig it?


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The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Spanking...


You mean there is another way a boy might clean his room?!

I'm surprised he made it look as good as he did!!



He'll be hitting the high notes before I've finished with him......


The Spanking song of course Laughing

Pi Beta

It used to be thought that Cathedral choirboys sang more sweetly when it was more comfortable for them to stand than sit!

I'll test that theory.


If it weren't for the dirty dishes - with food still in them - I wouldn't make a huge deal of this.

As it is, and assuming it's not happened before, I will allow him to stay over, and I wont' spank, but he's going to be given very exact instructions on what I expect, and we will be keeping his room to new standards after this. I don't expect boys to keep their rooms sparkling or immaculate, but that's just ridiculous.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Jack on this one.



I agree with Jack and Kat.

John Boy

I ditto Jack


I will let him stay overbut once home and concert over? I will confront him with what I found, chew him out and set him to work and I will be setting a time limit. else there will be a solo with percussion in his room

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