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BOTD 11-15-2014 The Borrowed Box - A Late Chat Production

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A Late Chat Production

You have two sons, Duncan is seven and Doug is nine.  Your primary punishment tool is spanking.  You usually use your hand but do have a small novelty paddle for serious issues.

You are in the middle of renovating your main bath room.  You ordered new lighting fixtures for the bathroom and they arrived via UPS today.  Duncan and Doug immediately eyed the large box the fixtures were delivered in and said they wanted it to make a spaceship.  You told the boys they could have the box but not until you unpacked the box to install the fixtures and that you weren't planning on doing that until tomorrow.

Duncan and Doug are impatient and do not want to wait until tomorrow for their spaceship.  While you are busy working on the bathroom the boys decide to "borrow" the box.  They open the box and turn it over and dump out the light fixtures and the protective packaging.  The boys then take the box outside to play with it.

DUNCAN - 7 & DOUG - 9
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In the process of emptying the box several of the fragile light fixtures are broken.  You pass through the den and see the new fixtures piled in the floor and broken.  You go outside and find the boys in their "spaceship."

You confront the boys about the box and the broken lighting.  They explain they were only "borrowing" the box and were going to put everything back when they finished with the box.  They said they didn't mean to break anything and that it was just an accident.

Will your new bathroom be the only thing you are lighting up?

Can you dig it?

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
If nothing had been broken, I would just have chewed them up for it. However, since I suspect I may have to get a complete replacement and won't be able to install the lighting tomorrow, I'm not going to be very understanding.

Though tempted to tell them that I'll light up theirr bottoms when I had been intending to light up the bathroom, at their age I don't believe in making them wait in fear and trepidation. Paddle and hand according to age.


I don't see this as a mistake - the difference between 'have' and 'take but not have' is too much of a stretch for me. I think they wanted it and decided to do what they wanted.

They're both getting their bare bottom paddled, and I'm taking the box away. We'll talk later, and I'll probably let them have the box back in a while.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I think the paddle is about to seem like less of a novelty when they've been laid over the top deck of their spaceship  after losing their own protective packaging,. They disobeyed and they showed no respect for the content of the box The bathroom work will take longer and of course cost a lot more so I think appropriately sore backsides are in order.


Ditto Jack


They were told they couldn't have it until tomorrow, but decided they couldn't wait until then.

Guess I could box your ears, but I reckon it will be your backsides that will be getting lit up.


They can dump their own protective packaging ready for me to produce some glowing globes.


I understand how tempting the box was, but that will not save their backsides.

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