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BOTD 2 Dec 2014: Catch of the Day - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Sean is your eleven year-old son. Sean is spanked when warranted.

You live on a large piece of property. A small river marks the rear border of your property. The river has a strong current and is prone to flash flooding. Sean is not allowed to play at or be at the river unless he is in the company of a responsible adult. Sean is fully aware of this rule and understands why. Sean broke this rule once last year and earned a very sore rear end as a result. You and Sean often fish at the river and you or your spouse will often go to the river with Sean while he plays along the banks.

Sean comes home from school and grabs a snack and then heads outside to play. Sean decides he wants to go fishing but he sees you are busy and so he doesn't ask you to go with him but decides on his own that the river is OK and so he heads off to fish. Sean gets lucky and catches a large catfish on his first attempt. Sean is so excited that he leaves his fishing gear at the river and runs home with his catch. You hear him calling for you and head outside. Sean is proudly standing there with his prize.

Sean excitedly exclaims, "Look what I caught! Can we eat it for dinner?"

SEAN - 11
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How do you respond?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

I'm tempted to suggest I respond with a cat o'nine tails!

This is harder for those of us who live in countries where flash flooding is a rarity and where the weather forecasting is sufficiently accurate for us to know if and when there is a possibility of flooding. Here I'd be lenient if I knew that the forecasters had not given the slightest warning of any significant rainfall and would probably decide that it was time for us to reassess the rule - maybe first giving him a few swats just to make a point that the time to negotiate such a change is before you disobey a rule, not after!

However, if in a country where unexpected flash floods can occur without any warning, I would be less tolerant. He's broken a strict rule and will suffer for it with a fairly severe belting. I will, however, be happy to reward him for his catch and saving the family budget. When he pulls up his shorts after I've finished roasting his rump, he'll find his monetary reward in his pocket and we'll enjoy the catch later. Meanwhile, he'd better go and collect his tackle from the bank - and I suppose, I'd better go with him if I'm not changing the rule!


I'm with Pi .entirely. Sean saw I probably wouldnt be able to and went fishing anyway. . Hope sean can eat fish standing up

Stone Man

Sean knows/knew the rule and has already broken it once. It is apparent he didn't take the lesson (spanking) to heart and has once again broken it. I find it difficult to be overjoyed with Sean's catch, as he unnecessarily risked his life to make the catch.

For several years I lived in an area that was subject to flash flooding. The flood could occur with little warning as late as two to three days after the storm in the mountains.

Sean will be spanked, and then receive has age with the strop (tempered to his age). Then it is time to figure out out to hammer this rule until it is internalized.

We will be eating the fish.


Pi has it for me on the basis that if I was living I a country subject to flash flooding I'd also be used to eating catfish. As I don't, the idea of eating one has very little appeal.


Roast rump to accompany roast catfish.

But I can't help wondering how much help I'd be if we were sitting together on the bank when a wall of water came rushing down at 20mph


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll add my agreement to Pi's, though catfish is the last thing I want to eat -- they taste of river mud.



Kat wrote:they taste of river mud

Actually, they taste of poo...

Nevertheless, Stevie does not eat fish of any kind... YUCK  affraid

So the only thing that's to be toasted is a tiny tender tushie... Twisted Evil


Emlyn Morgan

Did someone mention flash flooding?   pale     Sean should listen to his Great Uncle Emlyn who keeps well away from such places!


Fried catfish is good, but I think I'd prefer farm raised to wild.

This is a hard one, because I understand that Sean is growing up and testing his independence. However, I have a similar rule because of the way the creek near our house can flood. At 11, I think a deluxe padding will do the job. Before the paddling, I am going to remind him why we have the rules, and how much I worry about him.

In a week or so, I'm going to have Sean take me down to the creek and show me the safety procedures. If he really does handle things well, I'll consider letting him come down here by himself AFTER getting my permission.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

As much as I don't want to dull his excitement over his fish I will need to agree with Jack. Despite the fact he is holding dinner this is still DDDD. Perhaps some adjustments can be made to the rule in the future but today was not that day. Today we spank.

After Sean is recovered from his spanking and I have gone with him to collect his tackle we will then turn our attention to cleaning and cooking the catch.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.



hugs kal

John Boy

Ditto Katz and Jack

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