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BOTD 12/10/14 "Remember You're Grounded" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Your thirteen year-old son, Kyle, is still subject to spanking but, since he turned thirteen, you have tried using grounding with him for less serious problems with good success.

For the past two evenings Kyle has come in late for his curfew without any call or explanation.  Kyle was not seriously late either evening (25 minutes the first night and 20 minutes last night) but it was enough that you needed to get Kyle's attention.  You told Kyle he was grounded for the next two days.  This essentially means Kyle is not allowed to leave the house except for school.

You work from home and would normally be available to supervise Kyle being grounded.  You had to run an emergency errand this afternoon and left a note for Kyle to see when he got in from school:

Kyle,  I had to run an errand this afternoon.  I'll be out for about two hours after you get home.  Grab a snack and go ahead and start your homework.  Remember, you're grounded.

Kyle seizes his opportunity.

You finish your errand early and head home.  You pass by the local park at the end of your street and happen to see:

KYLE - 13
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You pull over and go up to talk to Kyle,  He sees you and blurts out, "You aren't supposed to be home yet!"

How do you handle this?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I know Kyle didn't intend this, but he's proven he can't be trusted. When we get home, he's going over my lap for a deluxe session, and I'll let him know he can expect to be spanked for a while.

The funny thing is, I would have done exactly the same thing in this situation, except I would probably only have grounded him for one day the first time.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto Jack

John Boy

Ditto Captain Spanky I mean Jack. Very Happy


A pint of castor oil every day for the next three days will ensure he stays in the house and all... Razz


Grounding is a BAD idea, I will not do it again!

For now I will just leave him at the park.


Stone Man

I'm pretty much in the Jack Camp. I too think that grounding for one day would have been adequate for these offenses. It is a difficult when making the first moves away from spanking as the first consequence. It makes sense to me to wait for the boy to request the change in consequences, leaving spanking as the primary as long as it works and the boy doesn't complain.

David M. Katz

I will join him for a game of one on one or maybe HORSE. While we are playing I will explain how disappointed I am and how he showed himself to not be trustworthy. I will talk to him about how important it is for people to be able to trust you. After we finish our game I will drive him home. It is a short trip so I will simply let everything I said to him to sink in.

When we arrive home we will go to his room where he can lose his jeans and undies and go over my knee for a serious hand spanking. I will consider the slate clean for both breaking curfew and sneaking off while grounded.

Perhaps I need to rethink my decisions on punishments for a while. I will allow Kyle to have input on this.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I must be losing my marbles, writing him a two hour licence instead of just using the word "late"

Anyway he broke his grounding and while he's still nursing his sore bottom he'll learn its been extended another day.


Excellent point MM!

I'm sure he saw that as a 2 hour window for him to do what he wanted without the possibility of being caught.

I also agree with the consequences you will apply.


Editor Extraordinaire
MM has a good point, as the wording of that note was an invitation for Kyle to break grounding. I'll give him a choice between a spanking or starting the grounding over. Giving him both a spanking and extending the grounding seems overkill.



Clearly the grounding needs some reinforcement. Over my knee Kyle. And we will restart the grounding term now

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