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BOTD 12/25/14 "Bear With Me" A Late Chat Production

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David M. Katz

A Late Chat Production

You and your spouse are awakened on Christmas morning by the sounds of your two sons shouting and screaming.  These are not the happy sounds you would expect to hear on Christmas morning. Seven year-old Corey and ten year-old Casey are fighting.

It seems Santa delivered a Teddy bear but forgot to put a name tag on it.  Santa intended for the bear to go to Corey.  Corey asked Santa for a Teddy bear so Santa delivered.  Casey wanted a bear but Santa assumed he was too old for a Teddy bear and would not want one.  Casey was not sure if he believed in Santa or not but decided to write a letter to Santa just in case.  Normally the boys give their Santa letters to you to deliver for them but Casey decided he was now old enough to take care of that for himself.  Corey gave you his Santa letter but Casey, unknown to you, dropped his Santa letter in the mailbox on the corner.  (He even made sure he put a stamp on it - a dinosaur sticker.) Casey did not put the right address on the envelope containing his letter so it never made it to Santa. Casey also asked for a Teddy bear. Casey is testing to see if Santa is for real so he will not respond to any inquiries you make as to what he wants for Christmas.

The boys woke up early, got dressed, left you and your spouse sleeping, and went to the den to see what Santa had brought.  Both boys see the Teddy bear first thing and run for it.  The boys discover there is no name tag but Casey insists the bear is his.  Corey loves the bear and says it is his. The boys each grab an arm of the bear and start shouting and screaming and pulling on the bear.

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You and your spouse arrive on the scene just as the poor bear's arms are pulled off.  Corey and Casey are each left holding an arm and the bear's body falls to the floor.  The boys look at each other in shock and then start blaming each other for the damaged bear.  Casey then shoves Corey to the floor and runs off to another room in tears.  Corey is now on the floor and he is crying too.

How do you sort it all out?

santa rendeer MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM BOTD rendeer santa

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Presents out from under Christmas tree and into trunk of car...

Drive to nearest Good Will deposit box...

Presents into Good Will box...
Drive home...
Boys to bed...

Dad and husband spend rest of day quietly together and all.


P.S. Of course, none of this would have happened if you hadn't lied to your children in the first place...


I'm going to call both boys back and remind them of what Christmas is supposed to really be about--and it isn't presents. If the boys can reach that understanding, apologize to one another, and behave, I'll let them know I'll call Santa and we'll see about replacement bears tomorrow.

If they can't, they will both have need of a Spanky bear, and can spend the rest of the morning in their rooms thinking about that.


Once again I consider Kier has nailed it, although I do think there is something to be said for Stevie's solution. Smile

Emlyn Morgan

I had a Teddy bear, named Teddy - handed down from my older brother. A long time ago. Sad

Anyway, I'm going to whack them.


Another awful,shameless, piece of self-promotion here and all... (sorry   Embarassed )

A Canuck at St. Edwards Part 36 – Canes and Teddy Bears

About another fight over a teddy bear...



I'm bigger than my spouse, so I'll get Casey while he gets Corey - back rubs until the boys settle down enough for us to talk.

Once they settle down, time out for not handling things like they should have.

While they're doing a (short) time out, I'm making a call. During the call, I'll summon them out of the corner.

"Boys, Santa says there was a mistake. Instead of one list with two teddy's on it for this house, they had two lists with one teddy, so one teddy was delivered, but you were supposed to each get one. Now, that's not a hard problem to solve, except you are both now on the naughty list. If you two can figure out how to get off the naughty list, we can take care of the bears."

With a little direction, I'm sure the boys will clean up the mess and apologize to each other. I'll get a call back in a little while (set my alarm with my normal ringtone), and I'll spring for Build-a-Bear for both boys, or we can just run let each pick out their own.

In the meantime, we'll have a little talk about appreciating what you have and the proper way to settle problems before opening the other presents.

But any more trouble today, and we're clearing the naughty list the old fashioned way.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm going for Jacks suggestion As I really do have no better, I suspect as an older brother that I was that I'd have been told at the age oten that I was far too old to make such a fuss over a teddy bear. Had the bear survived little bro would probably have got it and I would find myself getting something else on the QT

David M. Katz

I am going to go find a bar that is open on Christmas morning and let my spouse sort this all out. Embarassed Shocked

On better thought, DITTO, Jack.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Ditto Jack.

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