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BOTD 01-02-2015 A Blast From The Past -- Clancy - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Blast From the Past - Clancy
An Ivor Production

It is the 1970s and you live in rural America.

You have been away for a few days visiting your sick mother. You left your wife and 13 year old son Clancy.

For some time you have been working on restoring an old tractor and Clancy has been helping you with the project. When you left the tractor was still not operational but you had made it clear to Clancy while the works was going on, that when it did get to run he was only going to get to drive it when you were present.

As you drive in you hear a strange noise and then you see:

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You didn't believe Clancy by himself was capable of getting the tractor to run.
Are you going to be more impressed by the skill he has shown or annoyed that he has disobeyed your instructions and rive it while you weren't present? Is a trip to the barn in prospect?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
No Spanking in this case but I am going to find out how he fixed it!

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he was probably dong a short test drive to check out his repairs.

I will compliment him on his skill but I will remind him of the rules regarding the tractor.

No punishment at all from me.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Well, Clancy will get all the praise he deserves for successfully finishing the repairs. However, even though I hate dishing out a spanking right after returning, this is also a direct disobedience...

I'll talk with him and depending on how he perceived it I might go easy on him, but he is getting spanked. No


A country 13 year old would have Years of experience driving and even fixing tractors!

I will have to stop trying to overprotect Clancy!


Stone Man

I'm not going to jump to any conclusions. I need to talk with Clancy and my wife first. As the boy has been driving one thing or another for several years now, his Mum could have easily given permission for him to do a short test drive to make sure it was working.

I'm thinking today will be more a day of praise than punishment.


Honestly, it would depend on how much he's actually driven it. If I allowed him to work on it by himself, then testing it is part of that. If he's joyriding, it might be a different situation. I think it'll end up going like this.

"I'm very proud of you that you got that working son, but didn't I tell you that you weren't to drive it without me here?"

Honestly, from what I remember of a lot of 70s Dads, he's probably going to get busted, but I hope I'd take his reasoning and attitude into account, and let him off with a warning, if he has good ones (bad reasons or attitude will end up with a warming, not a warning).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I want to know whether this was with permission from Mum or under supervision. Is Clancy looking guilty?  If he knew I would be back that day why would he take a chance of being caught doing something wrong. I won't rule out a spanking if it really does turn out this was disobedience but I want all the facts first

Emlyn Morgan

I could fix a bicycle, but not a tractor.

Anyway, I'm going to whack him.


As long as he keeps it to the tractor on private property and does not attempt to take that high powered Mercury onto the 401 or anything and all...

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