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BOTD 1/6/15 "X-Box Surprise" A mahoover Production

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David M. Katz

X-Box Surprise
A mahoover Production

You live in a split level house, with two bedrooms, a bath, and a den on the upper level, and the master suite, kitchen, dining room and family room on the lower level.  Your two sons', John (16) and Jake (12) rooms are in the upper level, and are responsible for keeping the upper level clean, bringing down their laundry, etc, so you don't spend much if any time on the upper level normally.  The den is pretty much the boy's space.  It has a TV, an X-Box and pool table that they and their friends use.  You are carrying up some Christmas decorations to put them away in the attic, when you see Jake's expression.
Jake - 12
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So you take a look at the screen and see a very inappropriate scene (sexual) in the game he is playing.   When you ask him about the game, he breaks down and admits that he went into his brother's room and "borrowed" the game.  When you pull the game from the X-Box, you see it is a Mature game.  Looking at the game's package, you determine it isn't one that you would have allowed either boy to have, although you have let John have some Mature games, with the understanding that they aren't for his younger brother to play.
John - 16
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About now John comes in, and you ask him where the games came from.  He tells you he traded one of the games he had beat to a friend's older brother for the game.  And then he complains that he had the game in his desk in his room, so what is Jake doing with it?
What happens to both boys next?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Unless there are rules that the scenario doesn't state, I don't see that John has actually done anything wrong. At 16, I would probably be more likely to explain why I don't want him playing a game, than I would be to forbid it, and, while we'd discuss those reasons, I would probably let it be his decision (as long as he was able to play only when his little brother wasn't around).

Jake knows he's not to be going into his brother's room without permission, and he knows he's not to be playing mature games, so he's going to be getting a standard spanking, and he'll lose x-box privileges for a couple of days. John will have a chance to explain how his brother knew the game was there in the first place, but I doubt I'll do more than take his gaming privileges for a day unless he has a really horrible answer.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I will only add to Jack's answer that, since the game "isn't one that you would have allowed either boy to have", I should set some rule forbidding John to obtain (even if it's by trading) games having a mature rating without checking with me first.


My sons don't have an x-box because I don't think they are good for children and all...

David M. Katz

I don't see that John did anything wrong either. Apparently I do let him have some M games and so perhaps he was unclear as to my guidelines. John and I need to have a talk about what is acceptable and how to keep things away from Jake.

Jake is getting a spanking for "borrowing" John's things and he will lose game privileges for the rest of today and tomorrow for playing the unauthorized game.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Lost the dang post. Shortened answer.

Spank Jake for playing a game marked mature. If brother's rooms are off limits, add to his spanking for that. Jake looses gaming privileges for same number of days as John.

John should not have had that particular mature game. John looses the game and gaming privileges at home and away for a number of days depending on the mature level of the game. If John is still stropped, he will feel it, Twisted Evil as I'm running out of spanking time with him. affraid


As a former math teacher I'm not surprised Jack has proved very concisely why j + x = spanking.


For me the main issue is not the mature game but the loss of trust engendered by the invasion of John's privacy.  Whilst I don't approve of John possessing the game he is arguably mature enough to not be corrupted by it.

There is an ongoing problem in that the boys, if they are avid gamers, have to share a machine situated in a common room.  This would, over the next three years or so, restrict John to only playing mature games whenever Jake was physically out of the house.

The longer term solution, because of the disparate ages, is to equip each son with his own machine in his own room.

This leaves the main issue to address.  Jake will be getting a severe chewing out prior to dropping his pants for a serious hiding, administered in their den in the presence of John.


I think Jake has a fw questions to answer. Why did he go searching his brothers desk. Did he know what he was looking for. Has he done it before. Was he looking for one of the R rated games John IS allowed to have and is that where John usually puts them. I also wonder about the arrangement with John. Is he supposed to check a game is ok before he plays it. Did he know what this one entailed. I think Jake is getting paddled very hard for breaching Johns trust and I will also check the log to see how long hes been playing a game he had to know was not allowed. I do need some honest answers fro John as well though I understand it is not his fault Jake got hold of this one.

John Boy

I'll ditto Jack but I think I need to re-explain how John is able to get M games.


Jack hit very close to what I am thinking. The only difference is that I would take the game after my discussion with John. And in my discussion with John I would remind him that games are rated M for different reasons. And while he is old enough and mature enough to understand the difference between game violence and real life, it would be better to avoid sexual content at least until he has a little more real life experience. I will wait at least a couple of days, then when Jake is out of the house, offer to play the game with him, and use it to talk about what is in the game and why it doesn't reflect reality. I'm betting he would be embarrassed enough that he doesn't want to play the game anymore Embarassed

Jake would get a standard spanking, with John having the option to watch.


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Jack.


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