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BOTD 01-09-2015 Sealed with a Loving Spank - A MemoryMan Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Sealed With A Loving Spank
A MemoryMan Production 

You have two sons, Rory (13) and Craig (11) whom you spank when necessary.  You are also a registered foster carer where spanking the children who pass through your hands is not an option.  Your boys understand and accept this.

Rory -13
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Craig - 11
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Then one day Matt, an eleven year old orphaned just over a year ago as the result of an accident and who, with no relatives able or willing to care for him, is placed with you.  Matt is a feisty but loveable kid.  Generally well behaved you take to him straightaway,  he settled in well with the family, gets on well with both your boys and he and Craig quickly become best friends.  In fact the spanking embargo is all that differentiates him from your own boys.  

Matt - 11
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Matt does misbehave from time to time but he accepts and co-operates with the chores or groundings you assign in lieu of spanking .  Inevitably though, after he'd been with you for some time he and Craig are caught together in a more serious misdemeanour.  After angrily chewing them out you ground Matt for a week send Craig to his room to prepare.

On coming back down after doing the business with Craig you find Matt in tears. "Its not fair. You should spank me too."  He cries.

"You know why I can't do that" you tell him.

"I wont tell anybody, honest"  he pleads, and becoming really distraught adds "Dad always used to spank me really hard when I was bad."

You pull him into a hug.  "That's not the point Matt, if I did that and anyone found out accidentally you'd be taken away from us and none of us would want that, now would we?

"Then you should have grounded Craig with me instead of spanking him."  He responds showing far more wisdom than you had in your angry knee jerk reaction.

He was right too.  Craig starts serving out the grounding, since it was merely house arrest he stays around supporting Matt, in effect being punished twice over.  Then towards the end of Matt's grounding whilst Matt was up in his room he drops a bombshell.  "Dad!  This is crazy, why don't we just adopt Matt so we can all be the same"

You shoot a look across to your wife.  Being fond of Matt and knowing that he was actually up for adoption you'd discussed it but not come to any decision; she gave a half smile and an almost indiscernible nod.

"Are you sure you would want that? Are you both sure?" You ask, bringing Rory into the conversation.

"I just couldn't stand it if Matt went to live anywhere else." Craig enthused sensing his chance.

As befitted a mature thirteen year old Rory simply shrugged and grunted "It would be OK."

You look at your wife again and your eyes agree a decision.  Going to the foot of the stairs you call Matt down.

"Matt" you ask him "How would you like it if we were to adopt you, to become your second mother and father so you really could be one of our family and no one could take you away from us?"

He looks incredulously at you for a moment before his face lights up and he rushes across to hug you "Would you? Would you REALLY do that?"  He bubbles.

"Mum AND Dad" you remind him gently, and by the time he was across in your wife's arms tears were in full flood.


It is the day the adoption is finalised and Matt legally becomes your son.  You all go out for a celebratory meal, it is an emotional time and Matt is hyper; the words Mum, Dad and Bro fly around with an almost grotesque frequency.

On returning home Matt is sitting on the sofa between you and your wife.  She puts an arm round him and kisses him saying "We'll have to re-register your new name at school tomorrow.  Does it feel much different to be our real son and have our name?"

"You f--king well bet it does." Matt retorted "In fact its f--king brill..... - oh s--t I've sworn - I'll have to be punished."  He almost tore down his jeans and flung himself across your lap. "I deserve to get it real f--king good for saying that."

The four of you stare down in stunned disbelief at the pale pert posterior plonked provocatively across your lap.  Since you had given Rory's rump a right royal roasting for using that word to your wife only last week, and Matt's outburst was so out of character, his acting so ham, that his motive was blatantly transparent.

Will you assure him of your revised status as his 'proper' father by reddening the little cheeks already clenching and unclenching in anticipation across your lap in the way he seems to want/need?

If so will you, as you did with Rory last week, make it real effing good?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

It is obvious what Matt wants. I will give him a token spanking followed by some hugs and tickles and tell him there will be plenty of time to eventually earn the real thing.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm with Katz. I can't see that I the circumstances I'd be able to give him a 'real' spanking. I can also see that he wants to have one to prove to Craig & Rory that he really now is their brother. He is almost looking on it as being the test that he has to pass in order to become a member of the family.


I'm giving him a "good spanking" if you know what that means. A real welcome to the family

Pi Beta

Ditto Katz


I'm still trying to figure out why I would have spanked Rory for using that word... Beyond that, I agree with everyone else.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Murray Campbell

I'll tell Matt I'm not going to give him what I know he really wants. As he begins to sulk I give a knowing wink to Craig and Rory. A minute passes by and Matt's near to tears on account that I wont spank him. By now Craig and Rory are practically wetting themselves laughing. I tell him once again that I'm not going to spank him, I'll save that for an other time, but I know two boys not a million miles away who would just love to give him a few swats.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think in the circs I will give him a spanking. Though he has contrived the situation, he did just break a family rule that I recently punished another son for breaking. It won't be a severe spanking but I'll do it hard enough and long enough to be real punishment. Matt clearly needs this to happen, and I don't want him to embark on a campaign of outrageous behavior to make it happen.



Of course I suppose it is just possible that I have adopted a budding spanko Surprised Shocked


Editor Extraordinaire
ivor wrote:Of course I suppose it is just possible that I have adopted a budding spanko Surprised Shocked

In which case, it would be cruel to nip that in the bud. Razz



If he wants an i intiation rutual, he can get one. First I will let him panic a bit by asking the boys and mum to fetch me a hairbrush,a paddle and a wooden spoon while I pull my belt out. When everyone is back he gets some hand swats before everyone gets a go with one (not too hard) swat with his implement. Group hugs and tickles afterwards.

Stone Man

I think I need to take care of my new son's needs. If a spanking will make him feel wanted and cared for, than a spanking my boy will get.


This is almost a full story...

But I agree with David.

David M. Katz wrote:I will give him a token spanking followed by some hugs and tickles and tell him there will be plenty of time to eventually earn the real thing.

John Boy

Ditto Katz

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