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BOTD 2/11/15 "The French Connection" A Squarecutter Production

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David M. Katz

A Squarecutter Production

These boys Tom(11), Anil(12), Chris(12) and Charlie (11) were on  a school trip to Calais from a school in the UK with their class. They are all in the first year of secondary school. You are their head teacher but weren't on the trip.

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This afternoon they  were catching the ferry back to the UK and were told to be back outside the hotel in time to meet up and leave for the port with a snack in a cafe on the way but could explore or visit the local shops for souvenirs in the morning. These four were not back at the appointed time nor when the rest of the party had to leave for the port (no snack) and one  of the teachers had to find them which he did after the rest of the group left for the port. Instead of a nice gentle stroll this group had a dash to the port in a taxi paid for by the master and only just made it before the boat sailed. 

After the last of the parents had taken their sons home the  frazzled teacher who found them assures you that he is less than impressed that the boys say they just lot track of time and did not seem all that sorry for the kerfuffle caused or that they wasted their classmates last bit of time in France waiting for them. The shopping area  they were in was 5 minutes walk from the hotel and they had watches.   

When confronted the next day the boys just said they were having fun and didn't want to leave. The options you tell them  are the Slipper,  lots of detention or to put the matter in the hands of their parents or any combination of all three of those.  You tell them you are going to think on what to do with them.

While they stew on this, what have you decided?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm afraid I'm a bit unclear on this - are the options listed the ones I have the choice of using on the boys? Are those my only choices, and may I only chose one?

My solution to this would be that each boy will be serving detention, to write a letter of apology to each of his classmates, and he'll be sitting on a freshly slippered bottom to do it. I'll notify their parents of that, when I inform them of the extra money the master had to spend because of them, and requesting they reimburse him.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


The scenario says these are the options, in any combination. That being the case, I'm with Jack. The boys' behavior was totally selfish, and a lesson needs to be driven home.

David M. Katz

Surely there is a martinet laying around somewhere?  Seems appropriate to me.  Twisted Evil

Well, if not, the slipper will do and then they can sit on their sore rears in detention and write apology letters.  I will also let the parents know.  I expect the master to be reimbursed for the car fare.

(I think could have simply said "Ditto Jack"  Laughing  )

And, if any of the parents decide to add on at home then so be it.

And, oh, I'm not worried that they missed snack time. I am sure Tom shared his bread.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Not sure French bread makes good toast, but that is what they are. Although I don't regard it as crime of the century their lack of concern at the problems they created for others does raise the level.

I think letters of apology should be written in both French and English and the quality of those will determine the level of slippering they then receive.


I am slippering all three, telling them its a pity I cannot cane them anymore and their parents WILL get to hear of this. Mostly it is about their attitude and I will be adding a share of the taxi ride to their bills for the trip. I f their parents have anything about them they will get their sons to write letters of apology


Editor Extraordinaire
Though the scenario doesn't say I have this option, I'm going to tell the boys that their irresponsible behaviour means they will miss out on any future trips away from school for this year. Only if they then show remorse will I consider backing away from this measure and slippering them. I'm not sure if I'll have them write apology letters or not. I will, however, give them detention(s), during which they will be assigned janitorial duties. Only when they have earned the cost of the taxi fare will they be free.


Pi Beta

6 with the gymshoe should make them realise how unhappy I and the teacher are with them.

Parents sent a bill (UK meaning) for a quarter of the taxi cost (and tip) each

Stone Man

Ditto DMK who just could have dittoed Jack.

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