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BOTD 2-23-15: I'm Coming Out - A Stevie Production

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A Stevie Production

(With a little input from Jack and David)

Your son, Lars, and his best friend, Sean, are both fourteen. Lars and Sean have been friends since they were toddlers. You, your spouse and Sean's parents are all good friends. You spank Lars if needed. You also have and have exercised spanking permission for Sean. Sean's parents have the same for your son.

Sean's parents are out of town so Sean is staying with you. You get a call from the manager of the local pharmacy. The boys have been caught shoplifting. The manager says he will release the boys to you and not file charges as long as the merchandise is paid for. You go to the pharmacy.

You collect the boys and go to pay for the merchandise. You realize the boys were trying to steal a box of condoms.

You get the boys home and promise them both serious spankings for the stealing. You are curious so you ask, "What need do you boys have for condoms."

Lars looks at Sean who nods his head. Lars speaks,

"Sean and I love each other. We are gay. We have been talking about it for a long time and we are ready to go all the way with each other. We wanted to be safe like you have always taught us. We didn't have money for the condoms and were scared to ask you or Sean's parents for it. We really didn't want to come out yet but . . ."

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Does Lars' and Sean's revelation have any bearing on your decision to spank them?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


In short, nope.

In Canada, of course, the spanking is moot because they are both too old for it under the law... they are, however going to be heavily punished because stealing is stealing and I won't condone it.

We are going to have a discussion about the coming out and I shall make it absolutely clear that the punishment has nothing to do with that at all, and that I'm going to support the pair of them in this to the hilt. Except, however, that I am going to suggest that 14 might be a little young for anal intercourse, that there are physical dangers involved, and I'd rather they expressed their love in another fashion - especially since they cannot legally consent to anal intercourse until they are eighteen - since there are many other ways they have sexual congress without that particular act. I am also going to tell them that, if they do have anal intercourse and any problems develop, they are to come to me immediately so we can get them discreet medical attention.

I would, however, say that it really isn't my business what they do in private, and I shall willingly supply them with condoms if they ask me... if they want to practice safe sex, I will help them obtain the necessary at any time if they either do not have the cash or are too embarrassed to ask the druggist - especially if the pharmacist is a female...


John Boy

Spanks for stealing other then that, as long as they are safe about it, I saw nothing.

David M. Katz

I will spank them for stealing but I will make sure they understand it is only for the stealing. I will then adopt a stance similar to Stevie's.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I agree with everyone else. The key is making sure they know they are being punished for stealing, not for being gay, and that if they'd come to me, I'd have made condoms available to them.



Punished for the steeling and loving support for the other

Hugs kal


AFinch wrote:  The key is making sure they know they are being punished for stealing, not for being gay, and that if they'd come to me, I'd have made condoms available to them.

Spot on Keir.

At their age "going all the way" merits some further discussion although an outright ban would be pointless and likely counter-productive.

PS.  If they find their sore bottoms enhance their first experience perhaps I should offer to help in future? Twisted Evil


I'm going to start by letting them know I'm happy for them and support them, and that I'm glad they're trying to be safe. We can have a short talk about situational ethics, but stealing is still stealing. In this case, I might agree not to switch, but that will be largely symbolic, since they're still going to get worn out.

I've had this kind of sexual discussion a number of times before, and I'm pretty sure older brothers are pushing younger to come to me, when it matters. After bottoms have been blistered, the three of us are going to have a long talk about what two guys can do together, how to do it safely and carefully, and what else they need.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


AFinch wrote:I agree with everyone else.  The key is making sure they know they are being punished for stealing, not for being gay, and that if they'd come to me, I'd have made condoms available to them.

And the spanking will be a good one. Whatever the reason, stealing is wrong.


ditto the good answers above


Stealing is always wrong. But sometimes you are forced to do something wrong due to circumstances...

Anyway, spanks for the stealing, and support for whatever they choose to do.

Stealers, keepers...


Editor Extraordinaire
If I believe the boys, then there is no way I can follow up such a revelation with punishment. I really don't see how I can ever make 14 year old boys believe the punishment is not connected to their coming out. I also believe that circumstances have well and truly punished them for the theft far more effectively than I could. They've had the humiliation of being caught; they've probably experienced some anxious moments wondering if the police would be involved; they've had the real concern of how I will react to learning they are gay; and possibly they've worried that I'll punish them harshly for the theft. For me, this is a time for support, which I won't undermine with punishment.

Also, I want to be sure they are listening to me when we have a talk about whether they are really ready for this step. They probably won't be receptive unless I can reassure them punishment is not on the table.


Stone Man

I like Kat's answer and the listing of all the things the boys are going through at the moment.

It's important to settle the boys and discuss all that has gone on to get them/us to this point.

I am going to reserve the right to bring up the stealing after all the other important issues have been talked over and a plan (?) been made, direction been chosen...
and see what the boys suggest happen to them as they are still guilty of stealing.

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