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BOTD Extra: 27 Feb 2015 - Snow Day - A Jack/RL Production

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Snow Day
A Jack/RL Production

It's 9:15 am on a Friday morning. You're home today. The kids are at school. You're not sure why they're at school, because there was snow forecast to start about 9am, and your township doesn't have enough cold weather for you to be able to deal with the issue. Still, it was only a 55% chance of snow, so you bundled the kids up and got them all delivered.

Now, the snow is coming down, and you (and 90% of the other parents in the school district) just received a text that the schools are closing at 10am, and the buses will be running at 10:30, to get all the kids home before the weather gets too bad.

Of course, you're not as someone who largely works for home, and many, many other parents are at work already, so you start receiving a lot of texts and calls to see if you are willing and able to pick their kids up and watch them until they're off work.

Skip forward 90 minutes. You've made a list by school, texted your older boys as to their pick up assignments, and have, yourself, taken out the passenger vans to make pickups where you either don't have room or none of your kids attend. Everyone has been notified not to go anywhere until you get back and okay it. You've left strict instructions that they can have snacks or play in the snow, but they're not to leave your property, so that you'll be able to account for everyone, and make sure no one has been overlooked.

You're finally back, everyone is running inside to drop off their books before getting down to the serious business of playing in the first snow they've had in your area in several years, but you're keeping the groups separate, and you have everyone lined up. The only person missing is Nate Routh.

You look again, and you're getting ready to drive back to the intermediate school he attends, when he walks up to you.

"They said you were looking for me?"
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You are morally certain that he wasn't out with the group playing in the snow when you got home. You called them in and double checked when you checked them in. Also, Nate doesn't live too far from you, and you've spanked him before for going to his house, when he wasn't supposed to leave your house.

Are you going to get that snow off him, then warm him up? What if he says you just missed him, and insists he was just outside, even though no one saw him or knew where he was? Also, what about his Nintendo 3DS that he has with him, even though he's not supposed to take it to school?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Maybe he is telling the truth, maybe not. But now he is where he should and with all the kids to look after he gets the benefit of doubt.



As much as I would like to let him off like padraig I don't think I can, to scary with being responsible for everyone and the dangerous weather .

On a good note .... cheers for the kiddos

Hugs kal


With that many kids, I'd think it wouldn't be that hard to overlook one.  If I'm morally certain he wasn't there, though, I might want to talk to some of his friends to "alibi" him.  That isn't 100%, of course, but if he insists he was where he was meant to be, and others will vouch for that, I'm going to give him a pass, while letting him know I'm watching him closely.

I think the DS matter can be dealt with by his parents.  While I think I'd normally let that one go, if I'm really morally certain he wasn't where he was supposed to be, but can't prove it, and know FOR SURE he had the DS, I'll be letting his parents know.  At least that way, he isn't getting off scot free.

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David M. Katz

I like Kier's assessment of the situation.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


It is crazy that the schools think that the parents have all the time to wait for them to decide about the weather.

If Nate has his PSP, and it was not taken to school, then he sneaked out and is not true that he just was out with the other kids. No

I am guessing that he went to his house for the PSP and run back, as soon as he appeared the other kids told him you were looking for him. Rolling Eyes

Stay warm Jack


Nate is here and I am not a jailer. If I wanted to investigate I could figure out just what happened, but I don't really care. There is nothing worth worrying about so I won't worry.

Since I HATE bureaucrats and others trying to run my life there is no way I can try over controlling the kids without them calling me on it.


Stone Man

Well done Kier. About as even handed as one can be.

John Boy

Ditto Kier


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll go with Kier also.



I'll ask him where his books are.

If they are not inside he must have nicked off home to drop them off and collect his DS.

He's ripe for his warm up session indoors.

(or perhaps in the snow.) Twisted Evil


I have to admit, I changed this one just a bit, to make room for more possible answers.

In reality, I was getting ready to drive over to his house, then backtrack to Briscoe to see if he'd been missed and was walking home instead. As I was getting back into my car, I saw him coming across the park.

Yes, he'd ridden home with Noah. Yes, he'd been told not to go anyplace until I got back.

"But I was only going to be gone a few minutes."

I pointed out that the trouble I had with him missing was exactly the reason I'd told everyone to stay there until I got back. Worse, if he'd just waited about 15 minutes, I might have driven him over there, and, even if he had to walk, he would have missed getting a sore bottom for it.

I considered this disobedience of a very reasonable instruction, so he got a full dose of the large Tail Blazer. I did feel a bit sorry for him, since he didn't even have anyone else's spanking to enjoy before or after his own, but I feel like he really earned it.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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