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BOTD 2/28/15 "Driving Practice" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

MATTY - 10
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Matty is your son. He is subject to spanking.

Yes, that is your car.

No, he doesn't have permission.

Yes, he took your keys from the hook in the kitchen.

Yes, he is just ten.

No, of course he doesn't have a driver's license.

Yes, he is still in the driveway.

When you ask what he is doing he responds, "I'm just practicing."

How do you respond?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Pi Beta

If he's started up the engine, he's in serious trouble and will get a very sore rear. If he's not started it, we'll be having a long talk about taking things without permission (keys first, then what might happen if he took the car) and finish off with a mild stinging reminder about the rules.


Ditto Pi Beta. Totally reasonable that a 10 year old would sit in a car behind the wheel and "practice" with the engine off. With keys? He's toast.


I'm with Pi on this one.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."



Hugs kal

Stone Man

AFinch wrote:Ditto Pi Beta.  Totally reasonable that a 10 year old would sit in a car behind the wheel and "practice" with the engine off.  With keys?  He's toast.

I like the short version "With keys he's toast".

John Boy

Ditto All

David M. Katz

Yep, since he has keys he is going to get my famous special dinner:

Warm buns
Rump roast
Cooked goose

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


For me the line in the sand is whether or not the engine is switched on.

He could still be in trouble for taking the keys, but I bet I've let him take them in the past to get something from the car that either he or I have forgotten and left there.


No, he doesn't have permission.

The key phrase

My kids loved to practice and it was OK if they asked first.  The keys stayed in my pocket and  bricks in front of the wheels (we had a sloping drive)

His practice is about to be terminated on account that he wont be able to continue it standing up.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Pi. I expect that having the keys can be explained on the basis that they were necessary to unlock the car. Unless he has started the motor, this doesn't need to be a big deal.



Matty is ok as long as he does not put the car in gear; with modern cars he might have to start the engine to roll down the power windows!


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