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BOTD 3/9/15 "When Was your Last Whuppin'?" A Leti Production

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David M. Katz

A Leti Production

Flashback to sometime in the 1970's.  You are fourteen years old and you and you best friend, John, who is also fourteen, are out playing by a local lake.  You and John stop to admire the view and you notice John rubbing at the seat of his shorts.  You ask what's up.

John says, "I got a whuppin' from my dad this morning and I'm still sore."

You answer, "Sorry to hear that, a whuppin' sucks."

John asks you, "When was your last one?  What'd you do?  How'd your dad do it?"

You and John - Both 14
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You have no problem sharing the information with John.  What do you tell him?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


14 in the summer - Summer of '79. That's the year I tried to rescue the Sha... Wait, wrong story.

"Unless you count my Mom smacking me with a belt sometimes when she gets ticked off -- the hardest part of that is not laughing --- i guess it's been a couple of months. He uses his belt, with me laying over the side of my bed. I don't really remember if he let me keep my jockeys on that time or not. Whad ja do?"

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

"Last month when your dad busted us smoking.  It was worse on me 'cause your dad wore us out with that wicked belt and then after he called my old man I got it again when I got home.  I had to cut a switch and Dad made me bare my butt and he wore me out.  On top of what your dad already did I thought I was gonna die. Hey, wanna a cigarette? I lifted a few smokes from Mom's purse this morning."

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


"Umm....I've been meaning to tell ya. It was a week or so back. Mom was putting some clothes away in my drawer and found that magazine you'd lent me with the girlie pics. She thought it was awful and showed Dad when he got home. I got sent to my room and then he came up and paddled my butt real good."

"Holy crap! Not that magazine - I'd stolen that from out of Billy's room. You know I wanted it back before he comes home from summer camp. If he can't find it, he'll guess I've taken it and beat me to a pulp. What happened to it?"

"Dunno. Dad took it, but I wouldn't tell him where I got it. I got extra licks for that."

"That's something I guess."

"John, wanna comeback to my place? Folks is out and I've got this cream I put on my butt after Dads paddled me. It sorta takes the sting away."


Last weekend. Just that little git. You know, my little brother. Got on my wick when I was watching the football so I gave him a dead arm and he went howling off to Mommy as usual. Next THING Dads in with his paddle telling me the brats(my words, not Dads) only little and that I should learn to control myself. Wish he applied that to himself when whacking my butt


"You know my little brother is a pest. He is always wanting to play with us. Last weekend, my middle brother and I graciously allowed him on our team. After like a million dropped balls, we told him that if he missed another good pass, we'd throw him into the "alligator lake". Sure enough, the next pass I made to him, the butter fingers dropped. So we grabbed him, and dragged him kicking and screaming down to the lake and swung him on in.

He landed on his feet, but somehow got stuck in the mud along the edge. We started pointing and yelling that one of the gators was coming. We even ran out of sight pretending to be scared. I could hear him screaming and crying for us, so we pulled him out a couple of minutes later. He ran all the way home, tracking mud everywhere. Mum saw the mess and went nuts. Dad heard the story, and well we both got whupped."


Editor Extraordinaire
"It was a few weeks ago. I got in a really loud argument with Mom because I was still watching TV in my room at 12.30 in the morning. Dad heard me cursing at her. He came to my room, took off his belt and really let me have it. I sleep in my underwear, which luckily he let me keep on, even though it wasn't much protection. I had to bend over the side of my bed for it. I think I got it worse because I got mouthy with him by pointing out that whipping my ass seemed sort of stupid; after all, Mom had been bitching at me about losing sleep. Who the fuck can sleep with their ass on fire?"


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