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11 March 2015: Kicking It! A Jack/RL Production

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It's the first day of Spring Break, you have a houseful of kids, and it's been raining all day.  It's not too cold outside, but cold enough no one feels like going out in it.  Cabin fever is kicking in, and you've been trying to keep everyone distracted and entertained, while also trying to find a little time for yourself.

Three of your guests are Clint Goodens, your 13-year old neighbor from across the street, and Nolan and Clayton Marchant, who are 13 and 12-years old.  All three of them are very energetic boys, and they'd been hoping to get outside to play some today.

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Those three boys, along with your 13-year old son, Parker, your 13-year old next door neighbor, and a couple of others are avid skateboarders, and all of them have made trips across your lap for various board-related offenses - usually not wearing safety equipment when practicing tricks.

While you're moving around, trying to make sure everything is all right, you hear a commotion from your dining room, and then a crash, followed by the tinkle of broken glass.  You rush in to find the three boys staring at each other.  Clint is sitting on his rear, and a skateboard that you're pretty sure is his, is sticking out of your china cabinet - through the now shattered door, lying among the glass of the door and the shattered remain of several of the soup bowls from your Sunday Dinner dishes.

Clint swears he wasn't actually practicing tricks.  They were just taking their boards out to the patio to see if there was room out there, and he dropped his board.  Instead of picking it up, he decided to kick it up, except he went down, and the board went up and out.

To be honest, you've never actually said, 'don't do board tricks in the house', since you really didn't think it was required.  To his credit, Clayton is actually carrying his safety equipment.

So, will the boys remain bored, or is it time for them to be board?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

Accidents happen. No punishment this time but there will now be a new rule communicated to everyone.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

I would ask where Common sense is, but then I remembered PUBERTY!


Accidents sure will happen after each of the boys gets to swallow a pint of castor oil...

Stevie Twisted Evil


If I'm buying the story as stated, then I'm with Katz. Accidents DO happen, though with a little common sense this one could have been prevented.

The easy part is that none of the other boys did anything, and there's no question they will NOT be punished. As to Clint, I'll make sure no living being is injured, and then go over the specific new rules for skateboards. No spanking.


Looks like a ditto day.

Based on the evidence presented there is only one possible guilty party and he appears to have had a most unfortunate accident - even though kicking a skateboard in the house is pretty stupid.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Katz also.



It does seem an accident of boyish enthusiasm winning out over commonsense. If I have no laid down rule about skateboards in the house then I may have to put this one down to experience, both mine and Clints. No spanking but a new rule just got written. Now, do I bill the Goodens for this and will that cook Clint's goose! Evil or Very Mad

Stone Man

Ditto JB


Nothing more than warm ears...


Almost forgot to answer this one.

No one got spanked. It was very tempting though. If I accepted Clint's word, then it was just a thoughtless accident. Since I often kick things up like that to grab them, I really didn't have any reason to doubt his word. I was pretty upset at the breakage though, and the fact that he and Nolan didn't have their safety equipment, though they admitted they were going to do tricks, was justification enough to spank them both.

I seriously thought about it.

One of my rules as a spanko dad is that if I feel like I'm justifying a spanking, I don't give it. In this case, the spanking would have been more because I was mad than I just wanted to give a spanking, but it seems like the same principal applies.

Clayton was released, Nolan and Clint were chewed out for not having their safety equipment, then Nolan was released, and Clint had to help me clean up.

The patio was too crowded with people wanting fresh air for them to have room to practice tricks anyway.

Square - I didn't bill the Goodens, less because it would have cooked his goose (though I'm sure his mom wouldn't have been anymore happy with him than I'd been), but because things have been a bit tight for them, since she and their dad divorced. She's told me that, if the housing market had been better when those things happened, she would have sold the house. They're doing okay now, but this is one of those things that I can easily afford, so I just wrote it off --- with a promise to Clint that it will come out of his hide, if something like this ever happens again.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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