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BOTD 3/12/15 "Team Effort" A Memory Man Production

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David M. Katz

Team Effort
A Memory Man Production

Its 1970 and your seven year old twins Matt and Jeff are a delight to have around. Resourceful and impetuous they are, unfortunately, not very good at abiding by constraints and from time to time their bared bottoms are liable to suffer the consequences.

They like to help you around the place and have devised an inventive way to be able to power your push mower but have been warned never to use it without giving their toes the protection of shoes.

Today you come home and see this.

Matt and Jeff - Both 7
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What sort of reminder are you about to give them.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Pi Beta

1970s? This looks more like a 1930s mower. Anyway, dealing with the question:

In the 1970s, probably a couple of stingers as a reminder.

Now if 1930s, either a severe walloping or, more likely in that era, I'd probably not have given them any warning to wear shoes - indeed, if really poor, they might have only one pair for special occasions and always go around barefoot at other times.

If the 2010s, I'd say that the mower must be so seized up that there is no danger since nothing other than a sledge hammer would get the blades turning - they don't seem to have cut anything so far! I'd be spanking them instead for being outside without a shirt and sun-hat or without having covered themselves in factor 30!


Pi has nailed it for me, for all three eras.


In 1970, I should be happy they're wanting to help with chores - that'll stop soon enough, I'm sure.

However, it's important they do the chores safely. If I've never had to remind them of this, they'll get a thanks, then a firm reminder. If I have had to remind them before, then it's time to see if they still fit over my lap together for a duet.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

John Boy

Ditto Kier Dittoing Pi

David M. Katz

Hmmm . . . scratch

In my part of the world in 1970 to dress any differently than Matt and Jeff in the summer would have seemed bizarre. Until I was 15 I rarely, if ever, wore shoes unless it was cold or I was going to school and neither did any of the other kids I hung out with. It was just the thing. Matt and Jeff probably only have a couple of pairs of shoes because that is all I had. There is a pair of those hard black dress shoes and a pair of sneakers that are probably worn out and almost too small. I started mowing when I was age 9 and I used an old power mower and I mowed barefoot and miraculously I do still have all ten toes intact.

I imagine all that will happen to these boys is a good ear bending and a reminder to put on the old sneakers in the future. I will then thank them for mowing the yard.

In 1970 a couple of people in my neighborhood still used a reel mower but most families had a gasoline powered push mower - sans any of the modern saftey devices.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


And there was I thinking a 'pushmepullyou' looked like this.....

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Editor Extraordinaire
I'm in agreement with everyone else. I think even now some people use a reel mower because it cuts rather than chopping the grass. You can find power mowers with a reel but the old-fashioned kind gets the job done without most of the potential dangers of a power mower.



Me too.

Stone Man

If I've warned the boys before than I'll be warming them up a bit, otherwise I need to explain to them the importance of foot protection when using our mower and make this my warning.


I love Pis answer and I agree . In 1970 2 or 3 quite stingy stingoers as this obviously isnt the first time and send them back in the house for their shoes

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