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BOTD 3/27/15 "Have A Coke And A . . . " A Jack Production

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David M. Katz

Have a Coke and a...?
A Jack Throwback Production

It's 1972.  You're spending part of Easter Vacation at the lake with your 11-year old son, David, your 11-year old neighbor, Tom, and your 10-year old nephew, Bobby.  You stop at the bait shot to get a few supplies you need.  Before going in, you give each boy a dime, so they can have a soda.  When you come out of the bait shop here's what you find.

From left to right: David, Tom, and Bobby
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Yes, all three of them do still have their dime.

What goes good with a cold Coke?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

I am going to be a softie since we are on vacation and since the theft has not yet been successful. I won't burn any butts this time but I sure will burn some ears.

Yes, obviously they knew this was wrong or Bobby wouldn't be playing lookout. They just better be glad I am in a relaxed mood.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm with David here. It's natural to explore the machine or to try to get something free and save the money. Kid's that age might not connect this activity with theft, though the know it's probably not right. As long as they don't have a history of something like that I will read them the riot act, maybe some stingers, and we move on.


Editor Extraordinaire
As a former robber of a vending machine, I too am inclined to be merciful.


John Boy

Ditto Katz


Ditto all the dittos


Hey! One of them has no shoes!


Normally I'd draw the line - the plimsoll line that is - at this sort of behaviour, but as we are on holiday and they don't seem to have extracted anything thus far I'm just going to chew them out. And they can give me back their dimes!


I won't be best pleased I have to say. We will leave without the sodas and I will have my 3 dimes back. and yes they clearly do know its wrong since the youngest is on lookout. I will chew them out and let them know that it really is theft when we get back to the hotel and then we move on as we are on holiday though not until I have threatened to take my belt off


Nip it in the bud! All 3 boys get a Spanking with my hand on there bare butts, when we are back in the Hotel.


First I will chew them out about the illegality of theft and the threat of the switch as soon we are in the hotel. With that in mind we will make our way.
Back in the hotel I'll send them to their room to prepare for a switching while I prepare the switches.
After waiting a while in the hotel lounge I'll go to their room as well informing them that taking switches from the bushes in the hotel park would be stealing too and if they are willing to trade their switching with a hand spanking.

Stone Man

Having tried such a thing as a boy, I'm inclined to redden their ears reading them the riot act about stealing. Each boy will get a hard swat, as they return the dimes to me, along with a warning of a real spanking if they try this again.


Ditto stone man

Hugs kal


I think I agree with Stoney on this - a swat away from David.

I know how boys can talk themselves into things, so they'll get a firm lecture, a hard swat instead of a soft drink.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Emlyn Morgan

I don't like sweet gassy drinks.  I had half a bottle of red with some cheese, an apple and a banana this afternoon - on a bar terrace overlooking Hoceima harbour.  And yesterday.  And no doubt tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm going to whack them.

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