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BOTD 3/30/15 - It's Not Double Jeopardy When You Home School

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You work from home, which allows you to home school your 10-year old son, Brian.

He's been having some trouble with his reading assignments, so you decided to let him pick out some books, around which you could work the lessons you need to teach. To that end, you took him to Half-Price Books today. He loves comics and funny stuff, but you told him that he needed to pick out at least three books, not from the same author, that seemed interesting to him. You're on a bit of a schedule, so you told him that, when he was finished with that, he could pick out a comic collection or two, for a treat, when he was finished with his novel. You made sure he understood what he needed to do, you waited until he started looking at the novels, and you went to pick out a couple for yourself.

You check back a couple of times, but he complains that you're pressuring him, so you leave him alone for a while. With about ten minutes left, you go back to check his selections...

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There are no novels. He explains that he couldn't find anything interesting, so he decided to read this comic he wants.

He did have time to find several other comics he wants. What else does he have time for?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Were this MY kid, he now has time for a 'visit' to the den! Twisted Evil

I think he's been given MORE than a fair allotment of time to complete the assigned task on his own though before we do return home for our 'discussion' I'll make sure that WE have 'found' some good novels to read!!

David M. Katz

I don't think this rises to the level of spanking but he will have to deal with whatever I choose for him instead of his own selections.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I find it hard to answer this one because I was an avid reader as a child and back in my day we didn't have comics!

I'm sure though that these days there are so man books published that are specifically aimed at the kid market it should be fairly easy to find something that is a step up from a comic but dealing with similar fantasy subjects.

I doubt spanking will achieve anything other than having him blame it on books. I need to be able to show him there are worlds out there on the bookshelves waiting to be discovered.


This situation is a direct consequence of my own inadequacy as a teacher.

I should be the one choosing the books basing my choice on literary merit, age appropriate content and the potential to interest my son.

This is educational rather than recreational reading


I'm "on a bit of a schedule" but I still have time to pick out a book or two for myself??

I have to sort out my priorities and give the boy some quality time instead, helping him to look through the novels section and discussing possible books he would like. He deserves better from me.

Push (I never read other people's comments before considering the matter myself)


Ok he has ten minutes or I will start picking the books. Thing is it should be educational so I think next time I might find some good reading list of suggeste material from home/school organisations and let him pick from those. Personally I think to broaden him he maybe needs a bit of fantasy, something with a historical flavour (child friendly version of Dickens, or Thackeray if you prefer US history) and something contemporary. The books need to stretch him a bit or it isn't education. I agree with those who think I should be more involved in the choice. No spanking

Pi Beta

War or Peace rather than "War and Peace" - that is for him to decide in the next ten minutes or he will find himself reading "War and Peace" after I've chosen for him.


I am going to take the comic collection and say that I will hold it until we are done here. Then I will tell him that I am going to pick some books for him to read, and if he doesn't want to read my choices he still has 10 minutes to make his own choices. Then I will start making my choices. I will try to pick things that will be interesting to him, and hopefully have a good cover that will spark his interest.

Once we get home, I will put my choices on the table alongside his, and let him pick which one he wants to read first.

No spanking.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Pushkin.



So basically, I've sat this kid in front of several shelves full of books, each of which contain whole worlds and casts of characters and stories and adventures and mysteries, and told him "choose a couple, I'll be back later."

No wonder he's gone right for what's familiar to him. Blinded by choice and unsure where to start.

I'll help him choose a few books, together.

Stone Man

Ditto Kat who is with Pushkin. I need to be involved as the parent.

John Boy

Ditto Katz

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