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13 April 2015: What Offense? - A Jack R/L Production

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Several years ago, you moved to a new home, in a new town, to take a new job. You lucked into a very nice house coming open. You also lucked into some crazy neighbors.

Your neighbor to one side, Jack, is a single man, who owns his own businesses, and raises foster kids. You don't even try to keep track of how many he actually has, because he's also honorary uncle for a huge number more. His house is a magnet for local boys, and that includes yours. Since you teach extra classes during summer sessions, and your wife works, all your kids, but especially your sons, spend a lot of time with him. As your family got to know his, and you got to know him, you extended him more authority over your kids, until he was handling discipline issues with them that occurred when they were at his house.

In particular, your 13-year old son, Kirby, is close friends with several of Jack's kids. His closest friend is another 13-year old skateboarder, but he also gets along with Colt, Jack's 10-year old. Kirby is a bit on the small side, and, while Colt's not especially big, he is pretty smart, and sometimes lacks patience with his peers, so he has a number of somewhat older friends.

Kirby and Colt together.

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Kirby is due in by 8pm on school nights. This evening, you caught him trying to sneak in at about 8:25. This isn't the first time he's violated curfew, so you send him to his room to get ready for a spanking.

When you pass sentence, he tries to explain that he and Colt were out, playing 'Spy', a game several of the local boys have been playing, which mostly involves boys pretending to sneak around and be secret agents. You tell him that you don't care why he was late, just that he was.

At that point, he tells you, nearly in tears, that 'Uncle Jack' had sent him home, and sent Colt to finish his chores and get ready for bed. Instead, the two of them snuck out to the park to finish their 'mission'. Before they could get back in, Uncle Jack came and found them. Both of them got spanked for disobeying.

"My butt still burns dad, and it's not fair I get spanked again. Please!"

Is it fair, or is it two different offenses?

If you call Jack:

he tells you that he did spank both of them, and that it was about an average spanking. You know your boys are very impressed with Jack's regular sessions.

If you check:

Kirby's little cheeks are still rosy.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

It's been handled.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ditto Katz. It's already been handled.

Pi Beta

A one-swat reinforcement should do the trick.


I would check both spoilers, but then consider the matter handled.

Stone Man

Handled by an expert.



Hugs kal


I think I'd want to check his butt and make sure he is telling me the truth and the story isn't just one to avoid a spanking and the tears aren't due to pre spanking remorse.

Assuming his story is true I'd consider he'd already been dealt with, although he might just got a 'one for luck' swat.


Stone Man wrote:Handled by an expert.


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Ivor. I'll check and if he has actually been spanked already, I'll consider the matter closed.



I agree that I should call Jack and check. The matter is probably closed if they came straight home after their spankings unless Jack has more to say

John Boy

I would say it has been "Hand" led or should I say "Paddle" d LOL EmbarassedEmbarassed


This is a real life situation, and it also explains why Kirby has a '?' in the Spankorama right now - I didn't want to give away whether he got one or two spankings that night.

One important thing that I left out of the BOTD (by accident) is that, while Kirby did receive one of Uncle Jack's regular spankings, and it was thorough (and recent) enough that his cheeks were still rosy when he arrived home, he and Colt hadn't been caught until it was already after 8pm.

Jerry (Kirby's dad) felt that this was definitely two violations - disobeying and curfew violation. He made that clear to Kirby, and made it clear that he had no problem spanking him again, even if he had just received one for something else - and that's exactly what he was going to do... The next time this happened.

Like Ivor and Pi suggested, Kirby was then given a swat, and told that he'd better get his chores done and be ready for bed on time, if he didn't want more than one swat.

Jerry told me that Kirby was ready with time to spare.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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