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BOTD "The Devil's Punchbowl" A Kalico Production

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David M. Katz

A Kalico Production

You live in what used to be a logging town that had used the trains in the past but has now pulled all the rail tracks up. There is a lake in your town; one that has a favorite cliff/bridge jumping spot that is a passage of rights for young teens and just happens to be at the front of the flooded train tunnel. This has been going on since the late 1950's when they flooded the tunnel. (When you and your friends did it, it wasn't as dangerous.) In the last fifteen years or so there have been several deaths due to the fact that the tunnel is totally under water and one can get swept under and into the tunnel. The authorities have tried everything they know how to stop this including putting a high fence around the cliff and on the walking bridge but kids just find a way around it.

You have made it very clear to your son, thirteen year old Matt, that if you ever caught him jumping that he would get a very hard upgrade spanking for endangering his life.

Matt comes to you and assk to go to the lake with his friend John, also thirteen,  and his family who you are good friends with. You tell Matt yes but also remind him of your promise of what would happen if you found out he'd been jumping off the bridge/cliff. He tells you, "Yes, I know," so you leave it at that and hug him and tell him to have fun.

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A week later you're walking out of your office as your son and John walk around the corner and are laughing and talking about how much fun it was jumping off the cliff into what has always been called "The Devil's Punch Bowl."

What is your response now?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


First, if this thing was popular for years, but is now dangerous, I'll offer to buy a load of ruble they can use to block the train tunnel.

Second, I'm going to say hello to the boys. Later, I'm going to tell Matt that he has a deluxe session with the hairbrush coming if I had proof he'd violated my orders, and now that he's proven he can do it, he'd better never do it again.

Kids think they're invulnerable, so we'll do research into how many people have actually died doing this. If he can convince me it'll never happen again, I'm going to stop there.

Otherwise, I'm taking him to hairbrush city.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto Jack


Jack wrote:I'll offer to buy a load of ruble they can use to block the train tunnel.

I know that the Russian currency has fallen lately, but I still think you could find something cheaper and more effective than filling the tunnel with rubles and all...


John Boy

Ditto Jack.

Stone Man

Ditto Jack as well.

One would think that as popular as is this place that public works would have found a way to make the place safe and allow kids to keep the old tradition going.


Are the pair of them just having me on pretending they jumped?

What are John's parents views on taking the jump and indeed did they see the boys doing it?

If they have no qualms about John taking the jump then I was a bit silly allowing my boy to go with him since he would have looked a real chicken had John jumped and he not.

As for blocking the tunnel entrance, surely some sort of portcullis would be pretty easy to put in place.


The authorities have tried everything they know how to stop this including putting a high fence around the cliff and on the walking bridge but kids just find a way around it.

It appears the authorities (as is common) are brain dead.  Prior to next election time I am going to initiate a campaign to have the tunnel entrance guarded with some form of grid.

As for Matt? ................. Well! "Yes I know" is not a promise.

The jump is a rite of passage and there is no way, short of chaining him to the house, that I can prevent him from repeating his feat.  Threats are not a solution to this danger.

I'll be talking to him, tell him of my plan of how to get the tunnel guarded and now that he has the personal satisfaction of having accomplished the leap I'll offer to waive the hiding I'd promised him in return for a promise from him not to repeat it until the tunnel danger is fixed.


I'm with Jack > am always a bit uncomfortable acting on a conversation I wasn't mean't to hear


First if the current is so strong that swimmers can be pulled into the tunnel a grid is no solution but can make things even worse, if swimmers are drawn against it underwater and can't get away. Second if a thing is actually forbidden can I really axpect the authorities to spend tons of money to cover the entrance? Maybe there are other reasons not to do so?

But anyway, my reaction will depend on his reaction when he realised I heard his "confession". If there is even the slightest resembling of "no big thing" he is toast, because he knew it is a very big thing.


Editor Extraordinaire
As it's a rite of passage, he has done it and should have no reason to repeat it. I'll approach what I overheard the same way Jack did.


David M. Katz

Jack 2

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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