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BOTD 5/5/15 "It's 3:00 AM, Is All Well?" A John Production

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David M. Katz

A John Ross Production

You are on vacation with your two twin sons. Wyatt (in the black shirt) and Aiden (in the red shirt) are both 11 years old. Both boys were warned that they would be spanked if they misbehaved. During your trip to your destination they have been "okay" - just sometimes whining or complaining or fighting (not physically) with each other. When you finally get to the hotel you get the boys an adjoining room to your own so that you can have a small break and they can have fun.

Then at three in the morning you hear a loud noise outside your door. You open the door and look out and see Wyatt and Aiden pushing each other quickly up and down the hall on a luggage cart.  They are laughing loudly and making a lot of noise which is waking up other people on the floor.

Aiden and Wyatt - Both 11
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What do you do? Will there be another loud noise that keeps the other people awake; the sound of spanking?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I think I will send the boys back to bed and sleep on it. Whether they will is another matter but maybe the worry should be the punishment. They are toast if I hear another peep but I think I will let them wonder for the rest of the night. They can apologize in person to any of the guests who make a formal complaint


I would say "boys will be boys" and just warn then. Only... 3 in the morning? They are 11, not 5. They really should know better,

Pi Beta

I'm in general accord with Squarecutter on this but will add that I'll get them to pen a letter of apology to every guest on that floor in the morning. I'll let them think that I mean an individually written letter to each until morning when I'll explain I want one letter that I'll get the hotel to photocopy.

I could then give them the choice as to whether they pay for the copying via their pockets or their backsides, but we'll see how clearly they understand in the morning just how selfish their "play" was.


I should have made sure they did not get extra sleep either last night or in the car while traveling!

I will just send them to bed!



I have no problem with them being awake, and I might be lenient with this kind of play at a normal time. However, they know better than this, and they're going to have a long way to go to talk me out them crying themselves to sleep.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

OK, why in the hell did I get two eleven year olds a room to themselves? I did it and now this has happened. I agree they should have known better.

They can come to my room and cry themselves to sleep.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Thankfully I have a King sized bed so there will be room for all of us.

I going to let them squirm for the night and decide later in the morning what I will to do them depending on what reactions are reported to me from management.

At eleven, they really should have known better... AND they know it!!

Y Lee Coyote

I think that we should start with the night bell boy -- because that cart was in the hall.   It a big no-no for two reasons -- a fire hazard (blocking the hallway and exits) and a safety hazard as an attractive nuisance.

Surely rules for civilized behavior (i.e., not killing each other) that applied at home should have been in effect here as well including bedtime and staying in the room since the hall is a public space.

I doubt that others had complained because the hotel never investigated to solve the problem.

Hey, it's vacation time so how about some stern reminders and you better get some sleep for the big day tomorrow.



What jack and Katz said

Twisted Evil they'll just be lucky if I don't decide to bust their bare butts out in the same hall so the other guest will know how I feel about their behavior

Hugs kal


Reckon they should know that if they behaved like this at home they'd get spanked so it should be the same on holiday. I might go a bit easier though because we are on holiday but only after I've made clear that ay other bad behaviour while we are away will earn a deluxe version.


They are old enough to know better.

My wife has packed her hairbrush.

I think I can guarantee the other guests an undisturbed sleep for the remainder of our stay.

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