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BOTD 5/6/15 "Blast From The Past (1920's) - Where's Tommy?" A Squarecutter Production

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David M. Katz

Blast From The Past (1920's)
A Squarecutter Production

It is early in the 1920's in the American Midwest.

You live in a rural area but not on a farm.  You have a modest frame house on the edge of the city and you work as a clerk for the city hardware store.  Your spouse supplements things by selling eggs and making jams and jellies for the local general store. The two of you are just barely able to provide and there is no money for anything extra.  

Your 11 year old son disappeared early today supposedly on his way to school.  He didn't attend school or do his his chores. You notice his chores are not complete and the young lady next door has just asked why Tommy wasn't at school and says she hopes he isn't sick. You are about to set out searching. Your spouse was about to put to put the evening meal on the table but is waiting on the results of your search. Tommy enters the yard.

TOMMY - 11
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He tells you he hired himself out and was working for old farmer Grimes and hands you his earnings telling you he knows money is tight.

Is Tommy coming in for dinner or is it a trip to the woodshed?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

NO woodshed... I might hug him to death.

I'm glad he was able to tell me what was going on before I launched into a tirade that I would have later regretted.

It's time for his Mom and me to sit down with him between us and explain our finances and why he does not have to worry about them. We aren't rich, but we do OK and it is much more important that he get schooling that will stand him in good stead in that future where he will be on his own or the the head of a family.

If he wishes we can see if he could work for Mr Grimes on part of the weekend, but I want now more skipping of school... and didn't I promise you a serious strapping if you ever let your chores go unfinished??? Razz

We'll work on them after dinner.


Ditto Stoney.


I'm a reasonable man so the Stoney route is the one I'll take and his butt will be preserved.


I would actually be more upset with Mr. Grimes for not checking on this. However, even today I've taken a kid at his word, when his word and his parents' weren't exactly the same, so I'll let it slide.

Other than that, I pretty much agree with Stoney. Tommy was trying to help and trying to do the right thing. He was wrong in skipping school to do it, and he was wrong not to let us know, but I think those things can be forgiven... This one time.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto Stoney

Pi Beta

Ditto, but he still needs to face whatever penalty the school wreaks upon his person; I'll not interfere with that.


I think Tommy meant well though skipping school to earn some money may not have been a hardship, in his mind.' There will be no strapping THIS time and Tommy can even keep a bit of the money he earned. However the downside is

1 Where practicable, tonight Tommy will be doing the chores he left just as I do after a days work, starting after supper

2 If the school has consequences for truancy I will not stand in their way

Tommy and I will have a chat about priorities. His is to get an education and do whats needed at HOME. We are not in such straits as to need to send an eleven year old out to work unless its all hands in the neighbourhood at harvest time.

Next time he does this without telling he WILL get that whipping


Ditto Stoney and square

Hugs kal


Considering the era, when school wasn't a priority for most lower/middle class families I won't be too upset. However, I'll be speaking to the farmer and letting him know that Tommy will be working, AFTER school as I'm one who believes school is VERY important. I want him to do better than we did.

David M. Katz

Pi Beta wrote:Ditto, but he still needs to face whatever penalty the school wreaks upon his person; I'll not interfere with that.

Considering the era and location it is doubtful the school cares.

Otherwise ditto to Stone.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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