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BOTD 5/7/15 "Don't Ruin The Holiday" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You, your spouse, and twelve year old son, Kenyon, are on holiday.  ("Vacation" for those of you who speak English.)

Kenyon wandered off from the camp site this morning despite specific instructions to the contrary and it took over an hour to find him.  You even enlisted the help of the authorities and fellow campers.  Kenyon is fine but said he simply wanted to look around.

You tell Kenyon he is in for a spanking.  Kenyon becomes noticeably upset.  Your spouse asks to speak to you privately.

KENYON - 12 (You just passed sentence.)
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(Picture Courtesy of ivor)

Your spouse comes to Kenyon's defense and asks you not to spank Kenyon.  Your spouse says, "Don't ruin everyone's holiday."


Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Kenyon's the one who disobeyed, Kenyon has already messed up everyone's holiday - not just limited to the family apparently.

So Kenyon is visibly upset? What was I, while trying to find my son who'd disappeared in a strange area?

I may be talked out of a spanking this time, but Kenyon will be on notice for the rest of the trip that I have a hairbrush with me. If he thinks he can obey and behave the rest of the trip, I'll give him one more chance, but he'd best be convincing.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


My "SO" better have one compelling reason for me to rescind sentence. I'm thinking back to a time when I had a 12 year old (Darren) 'disappear' on us and how utterly terrified I was at the time.

As you will recall from the BoTD, I roasted his little rear when we got back to the hotel. Of course this was AFTER I hugged him to death when he reappeared. In that instance it was a combination of my fears and the need to impress upon him that when we say "stay together" you do it!

If he can convince me that he's 'learned his lesson' I might be persuaded to put him on 'final warning/no tolerance' for the rest of our vacation, though if I have to even look about for him in the future he's going to pay the full tariff for his disobedience.

Stone Man

I agree.

I should HOPE Kenyon is upset. As Jack and Dimitri have written, I might possibly be able to let this one go, but the one and only warning for the whole VaCa has been given.

And from an experiential point of view, I can think of many a VaCa that survived quite well even though someone in the family got spanked. Embarassed Embarassed


I'm going to DITTO Jack, Dimitri and Stoney

That's a nice mom there because I'm not so sure I would be... Like Dimitri said after all the hugs he better pray for his daddies intervention more like... Evil or Very Mad

Hugs kal


Kenyon's disobedience has ALREADY messed up our holiday.  

The sentence is about to be carried out and hopefully its execution will pre-empt any further mess ups.

(btw the correct English word IS holiday.  The term vacation is some sort of foreign distortion) Razz


It was only an hour! I reckon I panicked - or was that the spouse?

Kenyon is going to get a pass this time.


I agree that this is a final final warning Kenton you have sorely tested me . You will be ven more sorely tested if you put another toe out of line


We are on vacation, of coarse Kenyon has gone off exploring, Would I rather he be playing video games! The reason we are camping is so Kenyon WILL NOT spend his time watching TV or playing Video games!!

For him to just hang around the campsite would be silly, He would return when he gets hungry!



You need to have two serious talks.

Kenyon needs to understand that, in this camp, he's in unfamiliar territory and it's easy to get lost, and he's not dressed to deal with a sudden downpour, let alone sleeping rough. Two or three people wandering might have a better chance, and a twisted ankle could be a catastrophe if he's alone. And he did have a lot of people spending their campout looking for him, so in a small way it "ruined" their holiday or at least imposed on them.

Your spouse was decent enough to talk to you privately, so you're not having this disagreement in front of Kenyon. Even though, it suggests you now have differences in this area, if not in others, and you need consensus. Remind your spouse that when he's 13 or 14 that she might have some tense moments with him, too. Besides, Kenyon's need for a little guidance shouldn't be taking a vacation.

That being said, you and Kenyon need to take a hike together, outside camp a ways so that it won't disturb the campers any further. It would be discreet and, well, outdoorsy.


We're at a campsite. What is so important that an hour or two in the morning matter? Did I explain that to him?


Padraig wrote:What is so important that an hour or two in the morning matter? Did I explain that to him?

My thought, when I first read the scenario, was that either you were camping overnight on your way elsewhere, or that there were scheduled events (tours or something) you were planning to attend. However, I would worry about a city boy wondering off in a wooded area that wasn't especially developed. When I was a kid, how much freedom I had to roam outside the camp site depended entirely on the area.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


If Kenyon were to wander away from the camp in Algonquin park he might well be mauled by a bear and all...

Unfortunately, he's too old to spank in Ontario, so we'll just lock him in the trunk of the car and deprive him of food for a few days instead...


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