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BOTD 5/12/15 "Tragedy Averted" A Padraig Production

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David M. Katz

A Padraig Production

Your ten year old grand son, Andy, is with you for his annual two weeks visit. When he arrived you presented him with a long needed, and even more wanted, new bike. Andy is delighted but you had to remind him to stay clear of the road in front of your house since it had become quite a racing track after the new industrial estate had opened some time ago. There is a solid farm track at the backside of your property where he can ride safely.  You have spanked Andy previously but haven't needed to do so for two years.

You were tending your flowers when you heard brakes screaming. Your heart stops when you see this:

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Fortunately, there was no "crash."

Is Andy in trouble? If so, what will happen to him?

For the record, the car was definitely speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


While part of me wants to spank him because of his disobedience.  The problem is that he's 10-years old, and he knows how to ride in the street, and he was probably trying to prove that I didn't have to treat him like 'a baby'.

As tempting as it is, I'm going to explain to him that this... person is exactly the reason I didn't want him riding in the street, and that, while I'd hate to spend part of his visit with me paddling his bottom, I will if he disobeys again.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

Can I spank the driver of the car?

Otherwise I will adopt Jack's approach.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ditto Jack. Unless the driver of the car is a 17 year old--and since it's a Volvo wagon, it's far more likely to be an entitled soccer mom (like my ex-wife).


Andy should not have been in that road, period. What happens to him next will depend on (1) whether you told him why he wasn't to be on that particular road, that is, that you know it is a "speedway" and hazardous and (2) how much of a scare he took away from the encounter. Maybe he does know how to ride on a street but he doesn't know this one, and if he only understands that now, and/or if he came away with a good healthy scare, then maybe you can spare his hide. This time.

(He did at least wear a helmet. Oh, and here's a spoiler of sorts: you heard screeching tires but there's no tire marks in this picture. For whatever that's worth).

Now, as for the spoiler, the driver may have been in the wrong, but Andy needs to understand that he has to ride defensively, because he's apt to encounter drivers who are careless, texting/phoning, inattentive or just plain drunk.

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Stone Man

I hope Andy is as scared as I am, as that's the only way he will escape a spanking for disobeying the rules I set down for his bike riding. I think a hug for Andy will be more appropos this time, as I definitely need one from him. That way I can hold him close and administer a serious tongue lashing.


Andy has brought me to the fork in the road.

Do I put the brakes on my natural inclination and refrain from spanking him? Or do I go ahead and ensure that for the rest of the day he will be riding his bike standing on the pedals?

What a decision to be saddled with........


He directly disobeyed me. Yes he's in trouble.

The sort of trouble depends on Andy.  If he's white faced and trembling (figuratively speaking) from his near miss a cuddle, some reassurance and a re-explanation of the reasons for his road ban is called for.  Then he can spend the rest of the day reflecting on it with his brand new pride and joy locked away.

If he's blasé about it a bottom as red as his shorts can be added to the list.


If he is on the road I forbad him to be on Andy is going over my knee.and feeling the weight of my hand. Much as ten your olds might know how to cycle on the road, when vehicles race down it like that they cannot realise how dangerous it can be. Andy went against my judgment and disobeyed me. The only thing that might alter this is if he was badly shaken up by the near miss

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