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BOTD 05-15-2015 One Man's Meat - A Memory Man Production

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One Man's Meat ...?
A Memory Man Production

You always resented being spanked as a kid,  the notion that your dad would deliberately hurt you whenever you didn't do what he wanted always rankled with you.  Consequently you were wary of him; you never confided in him and that prevented you from ever getting very close to him.  In retrospect you regret this, realising it was misplaced kidthink.  The spankings you got from him weren't unduly frequent or harsh and only came when you had done things that merited consequences.

You don't want your eight year old son David (who is similarly headstrong to the way you were) to grow up with the reservations you had, so when punishment is needed you have substituted other sanctions for physical chastisement.  David is a normally well behaved sporty outdoor sort of boy and you have found grounding to be very effective.

David's best friend Sean lives next door, the pair are almost inseparable and together they are a regular source of lively (if usually innocent) mischief.

(Sean left, David right)
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It is Friday and David brings a note home from school; he and Sean had been in trouble for disrupting class.  You promptly ground David for the weekend.  

Next morning is a fine warm sunny morning and on hearing happy laughter coming from next door you find David staring disconsolately from an upstairs window at Sean and two of their friends splashing about in Sean's inflatable paddling pool.

"Seems Sean's got away with it then." You comment.
"No, he'll have had a hiding."
"How do you know that?"
"His Dad always spanks him when he's bad.  He pulls his pants down, pulls him across his knees and smacks his bottom really hard."  As he turned is head to look up at you his eyes were moist, "Sean says its horrible and it really hurts, but when he stops crying its all over and its better than going to PRISON for days on end."

The emphasis he put on Prison astounded you, it sounded like an accusation. (There is always an atmosphere in the house when David is on restriction, he's tetchy and as uncooperative as he dare be making it a miserable time for all; but you haven't clocked any long term feeling of resentment towards you - so far.  But then.........???)

"I never spank you because I hate the thought of deliberately hurting somebody I really care about just because they've made me angry." You try to explain; but it suddenly sounds to you more like an excuse than an explanation so you add  "Would you rather I spanked you like Sean gets it when you are bad?"

There was silence for a moment, David was looking out the window again.  Then he turned back towards you and nodded mouthing a silent "yes."

Surprised you ask  "Are you sure about that?  A proper bare bottom spanking really hurts and leaves your bottom sore for quite a while afterwards. Believe me David, I know."

David looks down but nods again.  

This wasn't the answer you'd either expected or wanted.  You put you hand under his chin and as you lift it towards you his eyes are brimming with tears.

"Should I spank you now?"
"Will I be able to go out afterwards?"
" - Ye-e-es"
"OK then" he whispers.

Having painted yourself into a corner will you deliver?  If so will it be a "proper" enough spanking to dispel any notion of it being a soft option?

Can you dig it?


I will give him the proper spanking for the crime and age nothing more....then he can go play

hugs kal


Without question.  This is what I discovered with MY kids too in R/L.  They positively HATED the concept of being grounded.  They made EVERYONE as miserable as they were!  The idea of 'spank me and get it over' with came from David and was seconded enthusiastically by one and all.  As to its being 'a soft option', that was quickly dispelled whether I hand spanked the littles or stropped the older ones as they would quickly tell one and all!

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Having asked, and David having answered, I've painted myself into a corner. If I don't follow through, there was no point in the discussion.

I'm going to spank him, hug him, let him recover, and send him to join his friend.

Stone Man

Yup, yup, yup... I agree with all three posts above. I plan to discuss this further with my spouse and David when we can have some time together later.


He looks so miserably and since it wasn't the crime of the century I will let him wait a few moments before I sent him playing with a firm swat on his butt that will give him an idea what will come the next time he gets into trouble.

Maybe that sends a wrong signal but he is young enough to correct that...

Y Lee Coyote

There ain't no corner!!

You two had a discussion, er, negotiation about the price and made a cancellable contract.

It's time to live up to it -- for both of you.

I will suggest that the resentment you described and that your son did are based more in the lack of input about the punishment rather than the punishment itself.




Well, yes. He made a brave proposition, and seems to know what he wants. It'll also put him square with his friend. Kids have a very good sense of what's fair.

As to his distaste for prison (his emphasis) you might want to ask, later on, what's troubling about it for him. It would be good to know. Certainly Sean and David seem like the adventurous sort that shouldn't be penned up on an inviting day outdoors, and it's his boyhood, not yours, so you need to tune in.

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Guess it is time for you to deliver.

While David has no real idea what he has let himself in for, I am pretty sure that his first experience isn't going to be that bad. However, you may have to steel yourself to deliver something fairly impressive so he doesn't get the idea that a spanking is a really soft option.


Ok David . Be careful what you wish for. Im quite sure that hand on bottom is enough for an 8 year old on his first time and I wouldnt think it has to be toohard to make David feel sorry for himself. A hndprint below the trunkline might give him cred with Sean.

Im interested to hear while he calls being grounded imprisonment. Thats not what its intended to be. But punishment is intended to deter bad behavior and make a lad think, not to crush the spirit. I will be monitoring Davd's behaviour closely as I have no intention of letting spanking become an easy option


It's hard for me to understand the reaction 'I' had to my father in this scenario. That makes it hard to be sure what 'I' would really do.

Having said that, I've pretty much made an offer, and I'm going to be bound by it.

I'll ask a few more details about how David is smacked, then I'll act on them. After he's recovered, I'll help him clean up, and he can go join Sean. Later - probably after dinner this evening, we'll discuss how he felt about it, and if that's what we should try in the future.

I am going to make it clear that he's not in charge, and that we won't be changing back and forth at his convenience, but if it works better for him, and helps our relationship, then there's no reason not to do it.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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