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BOTD 05-16-2015 Stealing Gran - A Squarecutter Production

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A Squarecutter Production

This is your Mother who has lived with you and your family since your father died two years ago. She has always had a very close relationship with all your 3 children. She is sitting next to your younger son, Jamie aged 11, as she guides him through repeating the confession she got from him.

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You see she caught him taking a $20 note from her handbag which was on this table. It seems she further established from a tearful Jamie that it wasn't the first time; a huge shock to his Gran. Seems that he and a neighbourhood friend who walk home from school together have taken to stopping at a nearby games arcade on the way home. As you and your spouse both work it is usually your mother who is in when the kids get back from school. She did say its been a little later than normal with Jamie lately (though you know the schoolwork always gets done.)

When done she stands up and says, "Jamie, I know you are very sorry and I love you and forgive you but I have to let your Mommy and Daddy decide what to do with you," and then left the room.

Your Ma used a hair brush on you at about Jamie's age while your Pa used hand or belt. She doesnt interfere with how you discipline the kids and wouldn't spank them herself partly because at their age and hers they would probably laugh it off if she tried. You have used hand mostly and paddle a couple of times but Jamie usually goes a long time between spankings.

How will you be dealing with this?

Can you dig it?


The scenario says I've used paddle a couple of times. This is serious--and he's earned the paddle again.


Yup what Kier said.....

Hugs kal

David M. Katz

Ditto to Kier from me too.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


While I'd like to join the chorus, I think this type of thing may well be his entre into the miserable world of pain generated from the belt (or if this WERE our house, the strop  affraid ).   Not only is this a repeat episode of strealing, but did he have our ok to stop at the arcade before homework was done?

Stone Man

1strappedboy wrote:While I'd like to join the chorus, I think this type of thing may well be his entre into the miserable world of pain generated from the belt (or if this WERE our house, the strop  affraid ).   Not only is this a repeat episode of stealing, but did he have our ok to stop at the arcade before homework was done?

I feel that the nature of the offense is deserving of an upgrade... the strop in my case. But regardless of what is used, as long as it's something that here to fore has not been used on Jamie, it will feel like an upgrade to him.
Gran has stated her (and my) feelings for/about Jamie very well. He will be wanting something "terrible" in the way of consequences to get him back on a good footing with his Gran and parents.

Also restitution for the purloined funds will be made to Gran.

Time to notify the next door neighbors? I need more info from Jamie on how much the other Kiddo new about were the money came from.


I'm going to join with Kier as far as the paddle is concerned.

But I don't see any reason for involving the neighbours in this. If I tell them there is always a possibility that word Jamie is a thief could spread round the neighbourhood and that could do him a lot of harm.


Gran has done the prosecution to a tee. Clearly she hasnt fogotten how to extract the truth out of naughty little boys. I think as well as the stealing we have this arcade to consider. Something that tempts a decent kid to start thieving can not be good and there always seems to be a seamy side to such places so I am putting it off limits if I hadn't before. I'm guessing he was gambling on the one arm bandits as he can play all the other sorts of games at home. Stealing to gamble is a bad place to be  so for a while Jamie will be coming STRAIGHT home from school no ifs or buts. What the other lad does is his parents business. If he comes under peer pressure I will be letting our neighbours know about it.

Jamies paddling will be a hard one to match the magnitude of what he has been doing with an enhancement of going over the table rather than my lap so there will be a little more force than usual. I hope the pain and the knowledge of how sad he has made the people who love him and how he has (temporarily anyway) lost our trust will ensure this never happens again

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
Although my initial reaction may be to give him the hiding of his life, I'm going to hold back and see how thoroughly ashamed he is. If he is as sensitive as I think he is, he will be be so distraught at his perceived disgrace to and within the family will be much greater than any physical punishment I may give him.

Indeed, I suspect that after 24 hours of self-imposed misery he'll be pleading with me to give him the thrashing he thinks he deserves for this; I will then acceed to his plea but it won't be anywhere near as severe as it would be if I'd dealt with it immediately. I'll go with his grandmother's hairbrush at this stage since it is important that there is a link between that and his grandmother.

He will also have to make arrangements with me and his grandmother to repay what he has taken in the past through extra chores rather than subtraction from his normal pocket money - though he can volunteer that as well.

I'll have a quiet word with the neighbour. How much I'll reveal will depend upon how much I trust him/her.


I pretty much agree with everyone else. I'm not going to delay his spanking, because I'm sure he already feels miserable, and I think we need to move past this. All things considered, I think he's going to be getting the switch.

I do really want to talk to him about why he was stealing though. I can understand the reasons, but I need him to really think about why he did it, and why he kept doing it.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Agree with squarecutter and Jack.

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