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BOTD 05-17-2015 Will History Repeat Itself - A John Ross Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A John Ross Production

You and your son Sam are camping. He was very excited at the possibility of getting to spend a weekend like real outdoorsman. After setting up the tent and getting a fire going you talk to Sam about how this is the same place where you and your dad went camping. You explain to him that he needs to stay close to camp and not wander off without telling you where he is going. You explain there are a lot of really neat places in the woods that you can show him. He begs to see them but you tell him in the morning.

The next morning you wake up and realize he is not sleeping in the tent next to you. You go quickly outside but can't see him and you start to panic then remember there was a tree not far from the site that you used to love as a kid because it had low branches to climb on. You go there, a few yards from camp, and see Sam sitting on the tree. "Hi, Dad," he says, "this is a cool tree and I could still see the tent. I wanted to explore."

You look at Sam and it reminds you of when your father found you doing the same thing after the same warning about not wandering off. Your father spanked your bare bottom hard for disobeying.

SAM - 8
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Will history repeat itself?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

No, history will not repeat itself. He is still in sight of the camp and so, in kid think, he has done nothing wrong. I think a clarified explanation of the rule and why will be all that is needed with maybe a mild swat to the seat of his pants for reinforcement, if that.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ditto Katz


I think you tell him what happened to you when you did the same which will get him really worried that he is in for a spanking. And then you tell him that you believe in second chances. I don't think he'll do it again.

Emlyn Morgan

I can't think of much reason to whack him yet, but I'll send Sam to cut some switches ready for next time - just in case. Maybe I'll test them on him. See which stings best. There's no room to swing a switch in a tent. He'll have to have it outside. Twisted Evil


I told the kid to wait until morning, and he did. I told the kid to stay close to camp, and he can still see the tent.

Not only am I not spanking my son, but, when we get home, I'm calling my dad and asking for an apology.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Agree with David. The boy did have enough sense to keep the tents in sight, so it's something to praise. It's still worth telling him that getting lost in strange woods, alone, can be dangerous, and from such ordinary-seeming things like hypothermia. And it's a good time to say that the whole point of being here is so that the two of you can be together, exploring, and learning.

As to your own history with your father, the dynamics may have been different. You were scared, maybe he was too.

Stone Man

Much depends on whether or not I feel that my Dad was justified in spanking me for "the same offense" as my son has committed. Sam has done his best to keep to the rules I set down, and I see no compelling reason to ruin our time together by punishing him for what, to him, may seem unjust.

I will take the time to talk with him about my rules and make sure he understands why I have them, and that I was a bit scared for awhile until I found him safe and sound.


I agree with Dk . He did what all boys do and tested his limits and (JUst) stayed within them


What am I doing using words like "stay close"?!

What is close, if it were me I would argue that within a lightyear or at least an astronomical unit (93,000,000 miles) could be considered "close"!

In the event, within sight of camp is certainly close by any reasonable definition, so Sam has done nothing wrong.

And I should be delighted he is up early and already exploring, NOT playing a portable video game!



I agree. No spanking.

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