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BOTD 5/20/15 "Corrupting Luke" A John Ross Production

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David M. Katz

A John Ross Production

You have two sons: Edward who just turned twelve and Luke who is five.

Edward asked you yesterday if he could have his friends Matt and Jeremy come over and if they could put up the tent and sleep in it. You agreed. Jeremy and Matt are brothers and you have known their family for years. While Jeremy's and Matt’s parents, knowing you spank, have told you that you have permission to spank their children you have not given them the same permission.

Once the boys arrive and set up the tent you go inside to start dinner. After a bit you go outside to check on them and are impressed to see them not only playing games but they have allowed Luke to join them. As you go to leave you over hear some of their conversations. The older boys, including Edward, are talking about sex in front of your five year old. You also hear all four of them, even Luke, cursing.

Matt - 11 (holding cards,) Jeremy - 12 (in white shorts,) Edward - 12 (in shorts with red stripes,) and Luke  -5
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Is this the day Jeremy and Matt receive their first spanking from you along with your own two boys?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Pi Beta

Not unless there is any continuation during their stay after they've had their ears bent! They will be very aware of my intense displeasure and be left in no doubt that my threat isn't just a threat but an absolute promise.


I basically agree with Pi. What would you think a bunch of 12 year olds would be talking about during a sleepover in a tent outside of parental earshot? World peace?

I'll let the older boys know that their behavior and speech, while appropriate amongst themselves, is NOT in front of a five year old. If they "get it", end of story. If not, we'll find more age appropriate activities for Luke, and let the olders know that this sleepover might be aborted if things don't change quickly. I'm not spanking anyone for this.

David M. Katz

I am torn. The only thing that makes this "a big deal" for me is Luke's presence but what has he heard from me or the TV?

I overheard something not intended for me and it was intended for "just the guys." My biggest concern is the little five year old parrot.

Sex talk? Gonna happen among boys. I need to be prepared for some questions from Luke. I think I will pull the three oldest boys aside and explain that Luke is a little young to understand a lot of what he is hearing and I will ask them to keep their discussions among the three of them. I probably do need to ask Edward if he has any questions although at twelve I have already covered the basics.

Cursing? Gonna happen among boys this age. While I have the three oldest together we will talk about the cursing and the appropriate and inappropriate places for it. In little bro's presence is an inappropriate place.

I will then ask Luke to come with me and we will go sit. I will talk to him abut the words he was saying and tell him about those words (on a five year old level.) I will then ask if he has any questions about the other stuff he heard and answer them (again, on a five year old level.)

If I know my boys and the friends then I think this one has been nipped in the bud. They are going to make darn to sure to check that I am not around next time. Razz

All in all, in my world, NBD.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


See no evil, hear no evil, SPEAK no evil!



I think the older boys need to have their ears scorched about what is and isn't appropriate around whom. They should know better than to talk about things like this around adults, girls, or much younger boys.

If they do seem to understand that they screwed up, then I'll promise to distract Luke after a while, so they can go wild.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


ditto jack

hugs ka


I think I may need to remove Luke and leave the big boys to it. I will let them know of my disappointment about this kind of talk in front of Luke though I don't plan to eavesdrop on them. They need to understand when to discuss such stuff and the presence of a wide eyed 5 year old is not it. Oh and the next teme I hear such profanity around my home will be spanking time. As for Luke it must be close to bed time Rolling Eyes


I'm with Pi. The trio need to understand there is a time and a place and while the place may be right the time isn't while Luke is there.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Pi and Kier on this one. No need to make it that big a deal.

And where else is Luke going to learn to curse and get misinformation about sex if not from his older brother and his friends? Razz



Agree with David and Jack. David has a point about the "little parrot," and it's worth impressing on Edward that Luke might prattle whatever he hears to others, and it might be embarrassing if big brother gets named as the source. 12 years old is time to start learning the word "discretion."

Stone Man

I'm with Katz this go round.

I do, however, think it's time for me to take Luke back under my control and leave the older boys to their discussions and activities without a little guy impeding them. I'm sure I can find a Dad/Lad activity that will make us both happy.

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