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BOTD 5/21/15 "I Fixed The Mower" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Your thirteen year old son, Roger, is still subject to spanking if needed.  Roger is also responsible for keeping the yard mowed; a chore he enjoys and has never given you problems with.  You have a very large yard and are grateful that Roger enjoys keeping it maintained.

The problem is your riding mower broke down and you cannot figure out what is wrong with it and plan on taking it in to the repair shop but have been busy at work and cannot find the time to drop the mower off.  The grass is in a bad need of a cut and so you tell Roger he needs to mow.

"But, the mower's busted."

You respond, "The push mower isn't; you know the one you trim with.  You'll just have to use it because I can't get the rider to the shop until early next week and the lawn won't wait."

"That'll take me all day."

"It's a nice day out and you like to mow.  Make it an adventure."

Roger gives you his classic eye roll but agrees to take care of the lawn.  You head off to work.

You come home that evening and note the lawn is mostly finished.  You then see:

ROGER - 13
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You ask Roger how it is the rider is working.

"I fixed the mower."


"I looked on Google about our brand and size of mower and found out what was probably wrong with it.  I then called Mr. Davis at the mower shop and told him what I found out and he agreed that was the problem.  I then found a video on YouTube that showed me exactly how to fix it; step by step.  I only needed a simple part.  I called the hardware store and they had the part I needed. I rode my bike over there and bought the part.  I did have to use a little money from the emergency money can but the part was only ten bucks.  I took my tablet to the garage and played the video and used those tools Grandaddy gave you and fixed it. She runs like new! Oh, I did leave the tools out but I wanted to get on the yard before it got too late; I'll clean those and put them up when I finish mowing."

1.  You told Roger to use the push mower.
2.  The hardware store is far outside the allowed boundaries for Roger's bike rides as it is across town and requires a ride through heavy traffic.
3.  The emergency cash fund that is kept hidden in an old can is strictly off limits for anything except an emergency and you have stressed to Roger that only you or your SO are to determine what constitutes an emergency.
4. Your father's tools are very special to you as they are how he made his living.  He passed them to you when he retired.  The tools are in excellent shape and Roger has been told to never use them unless you are present. When you do work with Roger and the tools you have stressed that they are to be cleaned and put away immediately.

(Your employer only allows you to receive emergency phone calls so Roger couldn't have called you.)

Is Roger in trouble?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Very Happy its his lucky day as I'm feeling in a great mood.....

I think I can over look the money and I'll put the ten back in the can as my son has just probably saved me a ton of money on service and parts to have the mower fixed. I will stress that I would have liked it if he could have waited for me due to safety and then we both could have worked on it together with grand dads old tools. I'm sure if he could have called me he would have so no punishment.

he might get a token swat when we talk about the riding out of bounds and I will stress that it better not happen again. I can see him just being so focused on getting the part and getting it fixed and just not thinking. I will let him know this is his one free pass on that.

as for the tools I'm sure they are fine but now we both can go into the garage and clean them. I think I need to tell some stories so he knows how special the tools are to the family instead of just say NO!

hugs kal


Roger is a lucky boy... if he were Stevie's son he'd have to make do with a push mower cause Stevie does not believe in riding mowers.

Stevie had a nice rotary mower until he had his heart attack... LRB was always complaining about it and all...

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No, I shan't punish him...

(On edit) - this kind of thing regularly happened to Stevie when he was a boy since my father was not at all handy... he never, ever, complained about my fixing anything to my knowledge...

I rode on my bike up to Canadian tire and bought things on a regular basis to fix the house - but I was usually given the money to do this and all...

I shall thank Roger for his initiative and hard work, but we will still have a little discussion about boundaries, etc. with a view to relaxing the restrictions.

Stevie Twisted Evil

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Roger is 13-years old, not 3.

I could try to answer this point by point, but the simple truth is that Roger has acted more like a man than I have. If I was the one who had to go through a ton of extra work to get this done, I'm willing to bet it either could have waited, or I would have found time to get the riding mower repaired.

Yes, Roger broke some rules, and I am going to talk to him about it, but he saved me a lot of time and money.

The thing that really bothers me is, what am I going to do with those tools? Apparently I don't have any of my own, so am I planning on having these buried with me, or will they be passed down to Roger?

I'm going to go get Roger a glass of Kool-Aid. When he's through, we'll clean up the mower and tools, put them away, and I'm going to congratulate him on how responsible he was. Later, I'll talk to him about the things he did wrong, remind him of the rules he broke and why we have them. I'm going to tell him that I really appreciate the job he did, and that, because he was honest with me, I never thought of punishing him this time, but he needs to not make a habit of it.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Y Lee Coyote

Mr. Davis at the mower shop is owed a great big apology!

You are obviously are regular customer at the mower shop since your son knows the Mr. Davis and asked his advice.  You planned to take the mover there for repairs so the shop must have loads and loads of the proper parts for common repairs as this one was.  That was the place to get the parts needed and to insure that it was exactly the right one.  Mr. Davis is NOT running a free 'how to fix your mower yourself and put me out of business' school.

Since the hardware store is across town the mower shop is probably no further.

Roger deserves a lot of praise for all his hard work (both mental and physical) and ingenuity to do what teens like -- to avoid work.  Riding and DRIVING that mower is fun and adult-like.

We have to note YOUR FAILURE to do your chore of getting that mower to the shop.  Yes, maybe a spanking is in order. <lol>


Stone Man

Jack wrote:Roger is 13-years old, not 3.  

That says a lot. Along with what Jack has said, I think it's time to discuss all these rules and make adjustments to any that we can.

No punishment... other than a hug and a few stingoors.


I'm with Jack and YLC on this one.

As an aside, if anyone has watched Redwood Kings on Animal Planet, I recently had the opportunity to meet the stars who served as keynote speakers at a conference at my school. The relevant part is when they were 13, this scenario actually happened to them--except there WAS no google, and despite all attempts, the riding mower couldn't be fixed (by them, or subsequently their dad), and there WAS no push mower. When at midnight, the boys hadn't finished mowing USING SCISSORS, their dad graciously allowed them to go to bed and gave them a pass on the matter. Interestingly, they credit his "toughness" with their success in life.


His ass isn't grass Smile

Instead we're off to Danny's Diner and the tools can wait until we get back.


Now that I don't have to worry about fixing the mower anymore I take the time to stand back, appreciate MY sons work and skills and think about some special one on one bonding time.


I'm with Kal. That's some initiative for a 13 year old though I realise he probably enjoyed finding a solution more than toiling away at the old push mower so there was a certain mount of self serving there.  If he can do all that he can possibly be trusted around Granddads old tools o the one that bothers me most is being beyond bounds but there again am i being over restrictive. A swat or two to remind him I havent rescinded all he rules he broke yet.


Editor Extraordinaire
I join the consensus -- no punishment. I think Roger has put in more effort in repairing the lawnmower than he would have in just mowing with the push mower, so his initiative deserves praise.


Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
Now what else around or in the house needs fixing?

Ah, yes, the washing machine.

"Son, your chore for tomorrow is doing all that washing for the family by hand in the sink!"


Pi Beta wrote:"Son, your chore for tomorrow is doing all that washing for the family by hand in the sink!"
"OK, Dad! Bed sheets too?" Very Happy

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