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BOTD 05-23-2015 Fire Safety - A Late Night Chat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Fire Safety
A Late Night Chat Production

Your son Devin is 9 years old. This is him on a school field trip to a fire station today where they learned about fire safety and never leaving a fire unattended:

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You come home from work. It's a beautiful day and you decide to grill some nice rib-eyes! (charcoal of course) The steaks are on the grill and you step inside to get a beverage.

Devin gets off the school bus and walks around back to come in as is normal and sees unattended grill. He grabs hose and puts out fire and of course drenches steaks!

What do you do?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I'm going to clean the steaks off and get the fire going so we can eat. I will then apologize to my son because I shouldn't have left the fire unattended.

Can you dig it?

Stone Man

Skater wrote:I'm going to clean the steaks off and get the fire going so we can eat. I will then apologize to my son because I shouldn't have left the fire unattended.

What Skates said. Cool

This goes to prove my boy CAN listen when he wants to. Razz

David M. Katz

Ditto to the ditto. Very Happy

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Y Lee Coyote

Ditto and be thankful that Devin did not grab the handy fire extinguisher and poison the steaks.

What do you mean "What fire extinguisher?"  Of course, there is one handy.   You know -- be prepared and all that.



Commend the boy for his civic spirit, put in another load of charcoal, maybe explaining what you're doing to do it, and do it safely. The steaks are wet but they'll cook. And if you do have to step inside, you should have him stand fire watch, so that it isn't unattended.


Probably not the right person to answer this scenario as I don't have a barbecue for the simple reason that I dislike the taste of barbecued/burnt food.

However,as the barbie is on the patio I can't really see any potential fire danger from leaving it unattended for a couple of minutes.

Looks like we'll be going hungry tonight.


we may be okdrying off the meat and starting the fire up. But if not I hope we have good supplies. Devin, provided I let my little fireman explain himself deserves praise for his quick thinking and I deserve the rap for leaving the barbecue unattended. I no know I can call on Devin to watch the barbecue if  I have to leave it for a minute. Once you've watched charcoal get hot once its not that exciting. He can have a cookie while we're waiting


Editor Extraordinaire
With Skateski all the way on this one.


Emlyn Morgan

Firemen are not what they used to be. Sad


Stevie would not have a barbecue... he has hated them since childhood...



This kind of depends, but if I had steaks over it, then there wasn't a fire. There were hot coals in a secure location, which I could see from where I was.

There will be no punishment, because I can understand why he did this. On the other hand, we'll discuss proper responses (and yes, like Y Lee, we have an ABC exinguisher clipped to the side of the cabinet where most of the grilling equipment is stored.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


While I might choke him for this, I have to echo Jack on this one.  I'll just relight another charcoal fire and finish off our dinner.  I may however, have him stand by me as I finish off the steaks.

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