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BOTD 05-30-2015 - The Casting Vote - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
The Casting Vote
An Ivor Production

Your 15 year old son has for the last three years been an enthusiastic member of his school's Film Club. He has told you on more than one occasion that his ambition is to become a film producer, something in which you have encouraged him as his abilities in other areas do seem limited.

At the start of this semester Quentin came home all excited and told you that he had been nominated to be the producer of the film they are going to make. A week or so later he tells you that he has arranged for several of the boys to come round after school to do auditions for the two main male roles. When you ask why he is carrying them out here rather than at school he says that he felt it would be more relaxing for those being auditioned and thus they would be able to perform better.

You get home tonight a little earlier than usual and as you open the front door you can hear Quentin talking. As you don't want to interrupt you walk quietly through the house until you
see through the open door of the family room:

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Now what happens?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

I will keep on walking.  Very Happy

No, I need to pull my boy aside and make sure everything is safe and consensual and then, as long as everything is in order,  I will suggest the privacy of his bedroom may be a better place for the auditions.

scratch Just what kind of film are they making?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Take a seat beside him and offer to help. I'm sure he could use an extra set of eyes.


David M. Katz wrote:
 Just what kind of film are they making?

That's what I want to know?!



Stevie thinks this will all end in tears...

Stevie... the worst person in the world....

Y Lee Coyote

Well, if this is a SCHOOL project then it better not be a sex orgy and the club advisor had better have a hand in it.  If it won't past muster with the school board and can't be shown at the school it's gonna be a problem.  It's gotta pass all the same rules that the school theater club productions must.

If it is not a school project (although the club members all are) then there is a bit more freedom of expression.  With the world all digital, anything made is going to spread around the world.  What might have been OK a few years ago with a print or two could easily attract the sort of scrutiny from people that labeled a kindergarten boy a sex offender or them makers of child pron.

A serious discussion is needed including a script review about all the above -- immediately -- including the long term repercussions.

If this turns out to be a simple attempt at seduction, then off to the bedroom is the thing with a warning about being private.  Later, the issue of misrepresentation (i.e., lying) needs to be addressed.



Emphatic "amen" to YLC. Nothing, nothing, nothing should be digital, and a very stern talk about the Net being permanent and dangerous is in order. For both of them. Some things are just best left to private memory.

As for what they're filming, it had better be fully costumed. An all-male production of "A Little Night Music" is about as edgy as it should ever get. pale


When I see this I close my eyes and I see a scene when I was 15. I see me and some of my friends in a rest room with a ruler and looking who has the longest penis.

Later I have a look on the script to make sure that my son don't want make a production with a porno scene.


I think YLC has the ahem... long and short of it. There is another issue. If I as a responsible adult allow an illicit flick to be be produced partially in

my home I really do need to know what this film is about


Editor Extraordinaire
Shocked I'm with Y.



"Careful there, Bud. If this is an audition, that might be considered hazing."

I'll walk on after that. Once they know I'm there, I'm sure the atmosphere will change, and they'll come to explain what I just saw. Then they can explain everything, and I can find out the details I should have learned later.

I'm hoping this is just some role playing between, but if there's something else involved, I'll help them set safe limits. And then, pretty much as Y Lee suggests, Q and I will later review the talk we've already had on internet safety, and expand that to other film/digital projects.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Was what I saw part of the audition? ................ Dunno.

However what I saw raises my suspicions.  Are the members of the school film club planning to produce an independent porno film?

Quentin is in for some intense interrogation when I get him on is own.

Emlyn Morgan

Maybe it's a full length feature film.

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