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8 June 2015 - How to Start Summer? A Jack RL Production

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How to Start Summer?
A Jack RL Production

You have three children, two boys and a girl. This year, your eldest, Connor, is 14. In the past, you've made arrangements for them to be kept by relatives during the summer. Considering that all your children are pretty well behaved, that Connor is reasonably behaved, that his little brother, 12-year old Payton, doesn't like to get his big brother in trouble, and that your daughter, 10-year old Anne, is fairly mature, you decided to let them try staying home.

12-year old Payton, 14-year old Connor, and 10-year old Anne

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Things went well for a couple of days, but today... pretty much the opposite.

You set a couple of rules when you agreed to try this. The kids take care of chores in the morning, and they don't leave the house without sending you and your Significant Other a text, so you'll both have a good idea where everyone is, in case something comes up. On top of that, your spouse leaves lunch for them, if they're planning to be home.

When you arrive home, chores are undone; they ordered pizza for lunch (but they did pool their own money to order it); when they saw how expensive soda pops cost from the pizza place, someone went to the store to buy drinks, but didn't bother to text that they were leaving the house; and they had a TV binge on Netflix, which put apparently put them WAY over their screen time limits.

Is this a learning experience? Is it time to re-think the experiment? Or is it just time to heat some rears?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm gonna go with time to heat up some rears and after I will talk with the spouse and we will come up with some sort of schedule With the kiddos input and firm up a schedule for each day.
At that point I'll let the kids know I'm going to be fairly strict about it for awhile until they get into a habit......

Hugs kal


If you decide you're going to break one rule then maybe you might as well go for the lot as that way you probably find out the worst that can happen to you!

I can see some rears getting warmed up, but I also want to know what's at the bottom of today's activities - or lack thereof as far as chores are concerned.


I was prepared to trust them in the first place and I see this situation as not entirely unexpected teething troubles as the kids find their feet in a new situation.

Its time for a reading of the riot act and the raising of the spectre of sore bottoms and the renewal of summer dispersal to relatives before letting them loose on their second chance.

John Boy

This does violate my trust. I feel that we shall start with a stern earful, and see if a stern rearfull is in order. My guess is yes as part of negotiations for me to still let them stay alone.


I go with MM on this. OK gang that was a practice ssssion. The meanie in me says Connor is responsible if it goes hayire again which should put Payton on his best beaviour. Cant speak for little sister


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with MM. I really don't think you have to punish every time someone screws up.



I actually pretty much agree with MM on this. Nothing described in the scenario was that reprehensible. It does bother me that there were several things done in one day, but sometimes it's easier to keep the ball rolling than bring it to a stop.

In RL...

I first heard about this situation indirectly from Mr. Joyce. I knew the basics of what was going on with them this summer. However, when he dropped Connor and Payton off Saturday, he came in and asked a number of questions; mostly about how I control the kids. I pointed out that, first, the situation here is very different than with them; second, that I have adult and/or college age sons who supervise; and third, that I can do most of my work from home, so I never leave them alone for that long.

Connor later told me that there had been a mass spanking, and that's when I found out some of the specifics. I built this scenario from what Connor said, fleshed out a bit by a couple of questions Mr. J asked. However, I do feel that there had been something else happening that I didn't find out about, and that might have been what tipped the scales.

Connor didn't go into too many details, but he said Dad came home while Mom was reading the riot act. When lectured where through, Connor was sent to his room, while Payton and Anne were escorted to theirs.

I've been in their home before, when picking up or dropping off C&P, so I know where their rooms are. I don't know how this is possible, unless the parents left both bedroom doors open, but Connor claimed he could hear his younger siblings getting their spankings. I suppose it's possible he left his door open to listen, or they just made that much noise, but I'd tend to think it was a combination of guilty conscience and imagination.

Either way, he said when his dad came in, he got more lecture (responsibility) and a hard spanking.

I was able to dig those details out from him, when he was asking about my kids behaving during the summer, and about them coming over here.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

Ditto to MM.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


If I wanted to restrict screen time I should have required the kids to call me for permission if they wanted to stay in the house, but not if they left the house!

50 and 100 years ago kids were required to leave the house during the summer and stay away except for meals, we need to return to those rules!


Y Lee Coyote

It surprising that it worked at all.  It sounds like the fourteen year old was suddenly running a daycare center for his two sibling without any training.  Or prep.  Or clear rules of who's in charge.  Lots of parental failure here.

He needed a lot of training about going out and staying in.  Prepped meals were needed and how to serve them.  Who could go visiting friends and other adventures.  The other two needed to understand that he was in charge and that he had to be obeyed (although rules might be changed after discussions).

That they pigged out on netflicks was not any surprise.

Since they could go to some shop there must have been some things to do.

That ten year old needed to report all excursions was reasonable but not for a fourteen year old.

The whole setup needs to be reworked and especially to included active activities.


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